How Many?

How many days do I have left until school starts for my soon to be second grader? 22. Why am I counting down the days? Well boredom is running rampant in this house. Boredom = Sibling Fights. And my three kids are antagonists. They cannot be the same, think the same or do the same […]


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When Little Boys Say Big Boy Words

When Little Boys Say Big Boy Words

Dear Mini Miner Dayton – The Soon To Be Five Year Old, I know us girls are very overwhelming. I can feel your frustration level when the girls start dressing up, playing make-up and convincing you to play “Marry The Princess” with them. I, being your Mommy, can understand that that can get old FAST. […]

Trip One

A friend of mine, on her blog, made a list of memories. It was really neat to read and I myself am going to do one. Of course, my memory is fading faster the older my children get. I think there is a name for that. Anyway– because I do actually have a ton of […]

Girls Oh My!

My darling Brodie has always been a book worm like her mom. Yes, that’d be me. I like to read a whole lot. We went to Target last week and the kids were begging for toys. One thing they don’t need and I don’t want to get them. Toys are just one more thing I […]

How Do Power Rangers Stand

How Do Power Rangers Stand

Dayton informed me of 3 things. 1. The puppy (Charlotte) wants to bite his whacker off. 2. He’s dressed and ready to go. 3. This is how to do the Power Rangers Stance:  

I Haven’t Posted

This past week has been a crazy one. CRAZY I tell you. Filled full of Dr’s appointments. Not fun at all. I’ll catch up on the Dr. stuff later. That’s a whole blog full. But I did say I would give the conversation between me and Brodie. So of course I am cutting up fruit. […]


I have no idea why I am awake. Gonna have to work that issue out some other time. At the moment I am chalking it up to Cabin Fever. Have a lot to say again, but tis 4 FREAKING A.M. I did manage to finish my new book in a day or less. But here […]

Make It Stop!

We went to the river this afternoon with no crankiness, no nothing. I got to see Tristan dive and it was awesome. Brodie practiced her diving skills and Dayton and I went looking for buried treasure. We didn’t find any. Damn. But Dayton and Tristan did take off their swim suits (with the built in […]


Last night, Dayton stayed away. He spent his first full night with his Uncle. No phone calls for me to come get him. No tears when I left him. Nothing. Nada. When I picked him up this afternoon all I got was a, ‘Mom, I’m not going back home. I love you, but I don’t […]