The Day Brodie “Grew Up”…

Today I had to go in and get Brodie’s school supplies and school shoes. I got all her supplies at Target. Stopped at Michaels and got all kinds of cool things to decorate her backpack with. Then headed to the mall for her shoes. I’m picky about shoes. I probably shouldn’t be, but my kids […]


Now that the Brodie is heading back to school, planning things are harder because she only gets certain days etc off. Her school has already posted the 08-09 Calendar. So I know when all her days off are! Yay! Brent’s schedule is pretty normal. 6 weeks on, 2 weeks off. But with Christmas nearing and […]

Just A Picture..

This is a picture my kids’ Tia took this past Christmas. I found it. I love it. I’m blogging it! Dayton Chase Greer ~ Christmas ’07

You Know When You Are Tired…

…When A) You rambled on about nonsense like I did last night. and B) you look like this……..

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday…

I started to title this post and could not stop thinking about that Dodge commercial (Sunday, Sunday, Sunday) or at least I think it’s a Dodge commercial. Anyway– Tristan did NOT make it. She put on her jammies, grabbed her blanket, hugged and kissed me (SEVERAL times as I wasn’t ready to leave her) and […]

Three…the last

This smiling little three year old that I call Tristan, thinks she is staying the night at her Grandmothers. I am all for it. She deserves her night out. But in the same breath, I don’t think I can handle it. I have not spent much time away from any of my kids. And if […]


What is up homeboy…aka…Dayton!!!! Just some cute pics of my crazy little man.


OK, today, you lovely people get a three post day! First off, since right now I only have one child in school I go major overboard with school clothes shopping. Last year I went crazy. This year I just picked things up as I went to the store. I went through all of Brodie’s closet […]

Loves and Names

This first video is Tristan and Dayton saying they love me, then “let me see, let me see.” And of course…Tristan’s funny faces! And this is of all three of them saying their names! Off to be sick and watch Prison Break!

Oh, Charlotte!

Charlotte Puppy. And the girls. How they are sleeping in the bed. Aren’t they cute???? Also–if you look closely to the walls you will see my darling girls’ art work all over them! Isn’t that just cute. No.