They Think They Know It All

This morning Brodie was on a roll. Her outfit she originally picked out matched, but the skirt did not come equipped with shorts underneath. It’s against the dress code for her to wear something like that to school. When I informed Brodie she couldn’t wear it, I knew I had just started a battle. She […]

Oops…I forgot?!

With all the lovely (read: lots of bad curse words) heat we’ve gotten this summer I think I have forgotten what cold was. This morning I decided to let Brodie sleep in once again. I’ve figured out that 6 a.m is way too early for her to get up and I’d rather take her to […]

Not David Beckham…Dayton Greer!!!

Soccer season is now officially underway! Dayton has had a couple of practices, a scrimmage and his first game today. And they TIED!!!! They are the littlest kids in the league. Their uniforms drown all of them. Shorts falling off and all. But they did so awesome and we are all proud of our kids!!! […]

As It Goes…

As parents we all know that reassurance that you are doing a good job with your kids come few and far between. Not that it is a bad thing or even a good thing, but still you like to know that maybe you’re doing job well. It’s a little motivation for daily life right? Yesterday […]

Homeless Superhero

Did I ever tell you the story of the Homeless Superhero? That saved the world from all the evil doers out there. With hardly any clothes on his back, looking as though he just rolled out of bed, he kicked and punched his way into the worlds hearts. But he is the strongest Superhero out […]

A Celebrity and A Birthday!

See I said we have 54321 bazillion birthdays around here. Try not to keep up because I hardly can! So…Happy Happy Birthday to my brother!!!! The fella below. The cute one waving. Oh wait…the TALL cute one waving. That’s my big brother holding my very cute nephew. Anyways–Happy Birthday Brother Bear! Hope you have a […]

What happens?

When you wait for the bus on the second day of school?? Well this time it actually shows up, but this is what you do…. You DANCE!!!!! Then you realize Moms taking pictures and you stop. Pretend to act cool, like you weren’t dancing. Then you see that you have a sad, sad little sister […]

First Day of Second Grade Story

Last night I put her hair in curlers. Which in the end was ridiculous, her hair does not hold curl! She insisted on riding the bus.The bus was not showing up.Still waiting. I guess I can smile for you now. I’ll strike a pose now too. Nope no bus at all! Grandma will take you […]


THANK GOODNESS!! It’s Saturday and school starts MONDAY!!!! Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Last night was open house at school. It was a lot of fun meeting Brodie’s teacher. Which speaking of that…..This year her teacher, was her cousin’s teacher last year. (they switched up a lot of the teachers this year into different grades etc) Well […]

Step Away

When I have the camera I go picture happy. So lots of posts with pictures these days. I took the following last night after Dayton got out of the bath. I was combing his hair and he wanted me to give him a “cool” hair-do like one of the Power Rangers. I’ve never actually sat […]