Online Shopping – Using Codes

If there is one thing over the past couple years of my blogging that I have learned, it’s that deals can be found everywhere. There are a million sites out there that will give you promo codes to aid in saving money when it’s time to check out.

saving money

The thing is you have to be vigilant about it. I know that too many times I get in a hurry to buy plane tickets, kids stuff or anything I need quickly and I forget to take a breath, shop around, search for hot promo codes and then make my purchase.

Just recently I found codes for kids school labels and ended up getting a full pack for free. I do tend to always remember codes when I am ordering pizza and those have always proven to be useful!

But the greatest lesson learned is to follow simple steps –

  1. Shop Around:

Compare the prices at various sites. See which site is going to offer you the item you are looking for, for a lower price. Even if it is a 5 cent difference, it’s a difference.

  1. Search Out Codes:

Search out the codes to save on shipping, discounted price etc. One way or another you are going to save more. And if shipping codes can’t be found and you don’t need the item in a rush – use the free shipping or lowest cost shipping possible.

  1. Think Before Purchasing:

Before you hit that order button, decide if you can buy it near you at a store before buying online. Often times it can be cheaper to go directly to the store to purchase or at least attempt to ship to store option if possible. You’ll find that just because it’s convenient to shop online would you pay more in shipping than you would in gas to just go pick up the item?


  1. Great tips and I agree that it’s always wise to search for coupon codes before you buy. I use a coupon code with nearly every online purchase I make!