Once In A Blue Moon By Eileen Goudge

Once in a Blue Moon Book Cover Thanks to One2One I was able to participate in the Once In A Blue Moon (book) blog tour. I am a book addict. No book has been deemed “one to pass up”.

Let me give you a little information about the author of Once In A Blue Moon – Eileen Goudge and the book itself.

Eileen Goudge is the New York City-based author of The Diary, Domestic Affairs, Woman in Red, One Last Dance, Garden of Lies and Thorns of Truth.

While she was growing up, twelve-year-old Lindsay had to look after three-year-old Kerrie Ann. When their mother was arrested and imprisoned for drugs, the girls entered foster care.

Nearly thirty years later, Lindsay owns a bookstore in the California seaside town of Blue Moon Bay. Adopted by a loving couple, she’s still trying to reconnect with her long-lost sister. Unbeknownst to her, Kerrie Ann has led a very different life, bounced from one foster home to the next. Now, newly sober, Kerrie Ann is fighting to regain custody of her own little girl.

When the sisters are finally reunited, the two very different women clash. As Lindsay and Kerrie Ann engage in the fiercest battles of their lives—while each embarks on a journey of the heart with the unlikeliest of men—they are drawn together.

My Thoughts:

The story is actually a pull at the heart strings of a mother type of story. The Chicago Tribune was quoted as saying “A gifted writer with an eye for telling detail” and I cannot argue with that. While reading the book, the entire story unfolded in my mind with scents, sights, emotions and feeling as though I was the “fly on the wall” during each situation.  While the detail and aspects of the story are note worthy, unfortunately I got lost all to often than not while the story jumped from situation to situation and felt the plot was lost somewhere in the mix of it all. I grew tired of trying to keep up, trying to understand and living within the pages. While I wouldn’t discourage you from taking a peek beyond the cover, I advise those that are not into a slow Sunday afternoon on the hammock read to stay away.

*I was provided this book from One2One.*


  1. Karen thaeter says:

    I would love to read this book. her other books that i have read are wonderful