The Note From The Miner I Shouldn’t Share

This morning I pulled myself out of bed. I begun my day with coffee at my desk in my office. The mini miner’s were still sleeping. So I fired up the email, the social networking sites and the usual websites I like to stalk over first thing in the morning.

Low and behold beaming at me as if embossed in gold was a note (email) from The Miner. I’m 100% positive he would kill me for sharing this, but he can’t get me. I’ll wait for him to see this post when he’s flying home and let him kill me then. If I don’t post for awhile – well you can assume I’m buried at the bottom of some shaft. Ha!

Good Morning Baby Its 4:00 in the morning and I’m writing you an email. As I started getting ready for work this morning I started thinking about you and thought I needed to write you and say a few things that I should probably say more often.Baby, I love you so much and don’t know what life would be like without you and don’t want to find out. Thats not to say that I need you but want you soo badly and I know that I would be a disaster without you. You are one of the greatest people Ive ever met, your beautiful, funny, witty, sexy, and completely charming. I am the luckiest man on the planet to have you and I think I take it for granted sometimes.  I promise to try harder to be the man you deserve because you deserve soo much more than you’ve gotten from me and everyone else. You are always so quick to point out all of the best parts of me but you should look into the mirror baby because you are an angel and the most important thing or person in my life. I love you Baby Girl Please forgive me.

And so I wrote a note (email) back to him:

If only you knew just how lucky I think I am to have you. In this life, you are the man that makes me know that there is a god, for only god could make such perfection. You are what keeps me strong when I feel so weak and powerless. You are what makes me smile, when all I want to do is scream and cry. You remind me constantly of all the great things in this life. You keep me grounded. You are the part of me I was missing before I met you. You’ve helped me become who I am today and I love it. You give me everything I want and I don’t even have to ask. You made me a mother to three beautiful kids, and they make my days just a little brighter everyday. You’ve showed me how to love unconditionally and completely. You’ve showed me that a true best friend, and a true friend in general will never leave your side when the going gets tough. You’ve given me reason and inspiration to become something greater in this life. You have an amazing heart. When all that you have been through, you always find in your heart goodness to forgive and love. I can only wish that I could be that way. When god handed you what he has in your life, with no tools on becoming a man, you somehow came out to be one of the greatest men alive. You don’t have to tell me just how much you care, you show me every moment of our lives, when you sacrifice all that you do. You’ve helped me develop unbelievably high self esteem. I feel like a queen and top of the world knowing that I’ve got you. God sure knew what he was doing ten years ago, when he put you in that parking lot. They say that there are three great things; faith, hope and love ~ and the greatest is love. Well I’ve got the greatest one in my husband and that makes the whole world a much happier place. I really hope you know just how great of a human being you are. I am proud to have you, and proud of you. I love you with every inch of my being!

Love is everything it’s cracked up to be…It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for.
Erica Jong, O Magazine, February 2004