A normal weekend

This is the first “normal” weekend we have had here in Alaska since the start of our Great Adventure.  I use normal so obviously loosely. What is normal when you just moved your family of 5 across the country to a place so dramatically different from what they are somewhat used to.

I take that back, the miner is quite used to this place up here. The rest of us? Well the kids weren’t quite sure what to expect. I had such a small idea it wasn’t worthy of sharing.

But here we are. For the most part settled in.

And it feels like home.

I find myself sitting at my kitchen table, stealing glances out the window at the mountains. The majestic mountains. Yes — it’s cliche. But you can’t describe the view. The climate. The atmosphere. The culture. It’s unique.

I don’t think it’s quite hit me…I am in Alaska. I can say it. I can type it. I know it. But it’s strange. It’s like life fell into place.

The kids have only made their way into the house 3 times today. Yes I know exactly. Seeing as though when we lived in a beautiful weathered state they were ALWAYS inside…it’s quite bizarre that everything is opposite here. Cold. A bit dreary as we get early morning and late evening showers for the most part.

Yet they are out there. With the neighbor kids. Building forts, riding motorcycles, bikes, RZR’s and exploring acres upon acres of undiscovered forests, swamps, creeks and trails.

And as I begin dinner and wrapping up this post…they are making their way back in. The house finally stirring from life again. I will turn on my little fireplace, light my little candles and just enjoy the blessings of our first normal weekend on this great adventure we have embarked on.