New Moon Thoughts

So I went to New Moon last night.  And if you know me, you pretty much know my thoughts on the Twilight series. It’s mindless entertainment. I divulge. Oh yes, I do.  Everyone has their opinion – here is mine. Unfortunately I am not the one that is going crazy of Twilight Town.

Act One: (Twilight The First Book & Movie)

While the love story is good. I am a girl, last I checked – which was about ten minutes ago when I went pee – I still like a sappy romance. A forbidden romance if you will. Romeo and Juliet anyone? But the movie sucked worse than the movie staring Matt Damon, Gerry. And Gerry was bad. The movie followed not a single part of the storyline (book), plus all to often than not I found myself during the movie going, what the hell. Even if a movie is bad, I force myself to watch it. Now regardless of my feelings of all that there is one thing that must be addressed. The holy hotness. Robert Pattinson. Um. Yeah. I slightly remember him playing Cedric Diggory but did not put 1 hot guy and 1 hot guy together.  And while Jacob ultimately could reach the hot factor, in the first movie – he was a baby and my statutory rape siren inside went off. Hotness just wasn’t affecting me.

Act Two (New Moon The Second Book & Movie)

The book I actually enjoyed.  She touched on other characters and reached quite a few depths of emotion, being, life in general.  I can understand that feeling of sadness. Being washed over and drowning in it. I like being able to relate to something major or even minor when comes to books and movies. The movie on the other hand was, admittedly, one hundred times better than the first. Much like the book obviously. It was nice to focus on something on than the “love” of Edward and Bella. Now of course before I close out, I must touch on the hottie mchottersons.

We all know who plays the character of Edward. Robert Pattinson. When I picture him, I honestly try to block the image of some sparkly love struck sissy man chasing after a “average” girl. It’s disturbing. It’s sad. I’m pretty sure it’s madness. Why?  Google a song or two of his. Then you can become love struck. No. Search out the song of him signing Van Morrison’s I’ll Be Your Lover Too. (Which by the way is my all time favorite song) Then while you are listening.. experience what I call…an auditory orgasm. No lie. If I could lick his voice…OK I’m going way off track aren’t I? So yes, he’s hot. But if you are in search of a sit on his face hotness factor…he needs to ditch the vampy gig and keep the guitar in hand. I have thing for musicians apparently. Just a thought.

Taylor Lautner, while now thirty pounds heavier with muscle is still a cradle rob, Brittany could be locked up in prison, offense. Yes, I have no problem staring at tightly ripped abs, protruding neckline, gigantic arms…oh jesus. But still…too young.

There are other hot guys prancing, running, teasing the eyes in the movie. And they have their shirts on and some have their shirts off. It’s quite delish.

In the end though. The final result. This is strictly an entertainment styled movie and book series. You will not find yourself soul searching or reaching an understanding with these characters. You will lose your thought process somewhere along screaming teenage girls behind you or rock hard half naked bodies. And if you are seeking entertainment like me – go see it. Go read these books.

But seriously….start googling Robert Pattinson singing now. Doooo eeettt.


  1. I love my Brittany for many reasons. This added to them. I would also love to lick Robert Pattinson’s voice…so smokey & sexy! Also completely agree that while Taylor Lautner is lovely to look at, the first thing I think of is: JAILBAIT!!! I haven’t seen New Moon yet, but I will. I don’t have a problem w/Twilight being different than the book. I saw the movie first. I just try to keep them as separate entities. You know that they’re going to change a lot when making the movie. Hmmm…now I feel the urge to listen to Smokey Orgasm. I mean Robert Pattinson! Thank goodness I have his music page bookmarked!
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  2. My daughter and her friends went to see it Friday night and she said she wants to see it again 10 more times.