Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunscreen Review

Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunscreen Review

If you know anything about Arizona and summertime you know that all you can think of is heat, sun, water. Air conditioner or not, it’s cheaper to live in the pool then run your unit all summer long. Lucky for us too this summer, we have a pool. Which we live in. Basically. And while I don’t need any sort of sunscreen because well, I like to have a tan and the sun (aka Vitamin D) is the most natural way for my skin to clear up — my kids do need it. They are toe headed fair skinned beauties that BURN then tan. But still, we like to avoid the burn drama (crying they hurt, etc etc etc). And the best time to swim is usually the best time to tan and burn also. 11-4. The hours of operation for me as a lifeguard in my backyard.

Regardless, my three (plus my 3 niece & nephews) were perfect candidates to take the Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunblock for a fun little test drive. Reason #1 as soon as I step foot out the back door they all jump/dive into the water and leave little time for the preparation of being in the sun all day — applying sunscreen. Reason #2 I stated above, fair skinned children. When you check out the sunscreen products offered by Neutrogena, take notice of the top 4 bottles that are spray style and their read up on the details of these products.

The product that got the largest test drive was the Wet Skin Kids Sunblock Spray SPF 70+. High SPF + Kids = the right match for us. So here you have it.


neutrogena wet skin sunscreen


Take note that their skin is visibly wet and while the product is running on their back it very well may have been caused by user error. Me. I obviously applied liberally, as again, I did not want to have 6 burnt children flocking around me crying. Then send 3 of them home to their parents that way. Bad Aunt.

Did it apply to wet skin?

Yes. As I stated. But because I applied liberally, it did run.

Did it work as it was supposed to?

Yes. And I believe I only reapplied once. I did not apply to their faces (spraying + eyes does not seem safe) so unfortunately they got a little pink. But we were out in the sun close to 4 hours and their faces were the only thing touched by the sun with harm. (noticeable)

Does it have a scent?

Yes, a very pleasant but still noticeable scent. If your children suffer from sensitive skin due to dyes, perfumes etc, please read the details and ingredients of these products before purchasing and using.

Is it favorable in price?

Yes. Most sunscreens I have purchased are normally in the $8.50+ range. If you again check out their products and take note of the price online you will see these do not differ. Also wanted to inform you also, that when you buy online you will save $2 on all sunscreen products! Click here to check out all their sunscreen products and to take advantage of the savings. So that may be a bit more incentive to test this product out for yourself. As a little note too, using sunscreen can reduce the price of aloe vera and lotions to purchase if a burn is attained during sun exposure. Trust me. I know that part. Especially since we no longer have aloe vera plants in our backyard like in Texas.

Please research the products you are considering purchasing prior to the transaction. Also please research information about Skin Cancer & Sun Exposure (courtesy of

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Neutrogena and received sunscreen and other Neutrogena products as a thank you for my participation.”