Nails For New Years

I could possibly do about a hundred million posts about Christmas and other holidays, especially when it comes to your nails. They are absolutely one of the funnest ways to be creative, unique and add flair to yourself. They are also and almost always are, a perfect statement “piece”. One you can dress up or down and you can never really go too overboard. Well you can but we’ll discuss that later.

I decided to stalk and use everybody’s favorite website, Pinterest, to show you some of the best nails to try out for New Year’s this year!

blue nailsThis Blue Nail color style is soft, pretty and has the right (again) soft tones for the holidays. But Polish Infatuated did such a great job that it is definitely New Year’s noteworthy.

matte moon nails

This Matte Moon Nails from This Is Glamorous is amazing. I would have to say it’s one of my favorites for a classy but sexy New Year’s nail style.

black nailsI found this nail style on Pinterest, but can’t seem to find the exact source of it. I love the mix of matte and shine here and the unique design. Amazing for a very noir New Years.

bling nailsI think New Years calls for sparkle, shine, glitz and glamour. These nails fit perfectly into those categories.

subtle nailsAnd sometimes, a little subtle goes a long way. Just a nice pretty nail style to pair with a hot little black dress on New Years is the ultimate statement!