My Yard Progress

My Yard Progress

So about 4 weeks ago Brent told me I had to keep “his” yard green. And alive.  I hate that. I’m a yard killer. Capital M – Murderer. I can keep flowers alive, some day I’ll show you pictures of flowers I have babied, but grass…why can’t it water itself?

First of all – watering it means mowing it. Mowing grass in Arizona is torture and dumb.

Second of all – watering the yard just adds to the long list of things I already have to remember to do.

Feeding kids.

Cleaning house.

Taking a shower.

Water Yard.

Well I took pictures of what the yard looked like four weeks back after I had to mow it and work on it. This is what it looked like:


Yep. Yellow grass. Gaps. Hot spots. Etc. CRAP. This is what I had to work with. Over to the left of all these pictures is a tree. With no grass. Or very little grass. But lots of leaves and dirt.

 yard now

Take that Brent. My yard is awesome. And have fun mowing it.

Oh. And since I did all the work to get this yard oh so pretty…you will mow it and edge it the way I like it.

Thank you.


(See you on Sunday!)

PS: I am on a yard kick right now…expect a lot of yard posts.


  1. Lauralee Hensley says:

    Hey, I’m not really taking care of the grass this year like in years past, because the dog my husband just had to have is running ruts and patches and everything else into it. I used to do all the watering, fertilizing, mowing etc., but he’s doing it this year and it does not look good. Big energetic running, pacing dogs are hard on lawns. This dog is walked and run at the park all the time too, and still this is the outcome. An awful looking lawn.

    • Brittany says:

      That’s my backyard!!! My backyard looks soooo crappy right now because of my boxer and lab. Ugh.