Mr. & Mrs. Brent Greer

I meant to post this on our actual wedding anniversary but I forgot. I was busy talking to Mr. Greer online. Ha! Well it’s been 4 years since we have been married. Happy Anniversary to us! Brent doesn’t actually consider this our anniversary because we officially started dating December 21st and that is an important day to him. I’ll actually tell the story soon about why.

Anyway – we talked he told me “well today I don’t really consider this our anniversary” and I was like “yeah I know yada yada yada” and then he informed me that the world is going to end. You know the whole Mayan thing and world ending thing. I guess our relationship is a bad omen to the world? Sorry about that. He then said “well we got together then, we will die together then” and of course my smart ass said ” by aliens right?”.

Of course then we had a very sarcastic conversation with some “Fuck You’s” in there and a “Fine I want a divorce” in there. We love each, really! Ha Ha!

But I digress.

Happy Anniversary my love! I am so glad you are my best friend and when I tell you I want a divorce, I love that you respond with an “I love you so much beautiful!”

the greers


  1. Awwwe Happy Anniversary! My husband and I’s actual anniversary is December not too far off from yours 😉

  2. Hope you 2 had a wonderful day!

  3. You too are such a cute couple 🙂

  4. Um yes and who took those FAN TAB U LOUS photogs? Why my other half. Happy anniversary sissy….hit the 10 yr like The Chad and I and keep going. Lub joo!


  1. […] you remember me telling you a couple weeks back about how Brent doesn’t consider our wedding anniversary to be our real anniversary? Well I told you I would tell the story behind the date. December 21st. Also the date the world is […]