Money Spent On Kids

The older my kids get the more money I spend on them. I think is a known fact for all parents. When my kids were younger they obviously needed and wanted very little. My hugs, kisses, attention and the main thing; food. Those are fairly easy things and the food part is the only expensive thing. But now they always complain they have no clothes, they want more toys, they eat and eat and eat.

So I got to thinking about it. Really clothes I spend a decent amount on yearly and it’s not big thing. For the most part I can keep up their growth when it comes to clothes. But there are three main things, not just clothes, that I spend my money on for my kids. And to be honest I need to start buying these things wholesale to save money and my sanity!

Number One:

snacksSnacks. My kids come home from school and want snacks immediately. Plus they want a before bed time snack or dessert. Of course on the weekends when they are playing they want snacks too. I just can’t keep up!

Number Two:


Socks. My kids can never have enough socks. They get lost somewhere in the house or car. The dryer eats them. They wear them out. Or they wear them outside and they get tore up. We need bulk socks.

And last but not least….

kids shoes

Shoes! My kids can not only tear up shoes…but like me, they like to have shoes for different outfits. I can never keep up with their shoe habits. On weekends they want easy shoes to slip on and off. They have shoes that are nice for school. They have shoes for dressier outfits. They have shoes that can be worn the days they have P.E.

What are the things that eat up your wallet with your kids?


  1. I think my big money spenders are the same. Food, clothes, shoes, and toys (namely video games-those suckers are expensive!)

  2. We’re all about the same at our home too. Definitely shoes as they seem to need a new pair every few months and of course food. My little ones love “variety” and that doesn’t always come so cheap!

  3. Your sock bill might go down a little with the girls. All the girls around here wear mis-match socks on purpose. Very BRIGHTLY colored mis-matched socks!