Chose Wine not Whine After Dinner

Or you can chose wine before dinner, with dinner or even run you a fabulous bubble bath and have a lovely glass waiting for you. Truth be told, I have never really been able to drink wine. For a brief moment and still it curiously lingers, we thought I was allergic to it. I would open wine bottles and the delicious aroma would smack me with an instant migraine. I’m starting to think now that I am allergic to BAD wine.  Case in point:

I was thinking of fantastic and unique Christmas gifts this year. Just so happened that a lovely gem of Mommy’s Time Out Wine fell into my email inbox and then fell gently at my front door. The bottle wrapped in a blueish-purplish soft bag with enjoy written in a lovely note gave me that perfect idea. Who wouldn’t love to receive a fabulous and smooth bottle of wine as a gift?! What women wouldn’t?! I was a bit worried thinking, oh man I feel the migraine coming on now. But I decided to read the back of the Moscato (yep that is what I chose) label and see what it would pair with for dinner, dessert etc. I’m no wine connoisseur and I figured to give a truthful and honest post about this wine I might want to become more familiar with what I am drinking.

MOMMYS time out wine label

The bottle of Mommy’s Time Out Wine {Moscato} was staring at me with this beautiful label and on the back it gave information about the wine and pairing suggestions. I opened my refrigerator and pantry and begun preparing a fantastic feast for myself and my family – thoroughly excited to place my glass of wine next to my dinner. Mommy’s Time Out Wine just recently announced the latest addition to their wines, this Moscato:

Selective Estates, Inc. importers of Mommy’s Time Out wines, announces the latest addition to their popular line.  Mommy’s Time Out Garganega Moscato is an easy-to-drink, fruity blend of Garganega and Moscato grapes.  Mommy’s Time Out has a suggested retail of $9.99.


Moscato grapes are known for producing a sweet, delicate, light and fruity flavor.  Garganega grapes have been grown in Italy for centuries.  Blending these two varietals creates a sweet, creamy wine that is well balanced, aromatic and has delicious fruity flavors.


According to Michael Cincotta, president of Selective Wine Estates, Inc. “Mommy’s Time Out Garganega Moscato is an ideal accompaniment to many cheeses and chicken dishes that have a fruity or sweet sauce, as well as a variety of desserts.  It’s also a wonderful option for people who enjoy great wine.”


So I made a delightful dinner of chicken with a nice cheesy and creamy sauce, rice and green beans. I also made a fantastic chocolate pudding and cheesecake dessert. I poured my glass and I poured another for while I enjoyed a quiet bubble bath. I mean who can resist wine, bubbles and Sons of Anarchy on the iPad?!

I am thoroughly impressed with this wine. I gulped two giant glasses down with not a hint of a headache and the flavoring of the pairings of dinner, dessert and wine left my taste buds tingling. So whether you are on the hunt for a great gift or just need yourself a little “timeout” then you really really should check out Mommy’s Time Out Wines.


great with wine


Would I recommend it? Absolutely! Even my mom LOVED it! And be sure to keep an eye out on my Shopping Guide page as Mommy’s Time Out Wine will be on that list very soon — as well as other great ideas for gifts and more!


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