Momma’s Chic Motion Sickness Bags

Momma’s Chic Sicbags has come up with a great solution to the problem faced by thousands on a daily basis!! Great, disposable and sanitary MOTION SICKNESS BAGS that will stand up to the toughest mess. These bags are HUGE and are available with unique logos. The TRAVEL DESIGN displays all forms of travel including, car, trucks, boats , cruise ships, helicopters and canoes to name a few. Each bag come complete with its very own SANITIZING WIPE for safe and quick clean-up. The bags can be folded to fit in a jacket pocket, car glove compartment, handbag, or a bookbag. The other logos include a design for MORNING SICKNESS, something that most pregnant women suffer from, and a design for childrens use, comically named PUKE UNIVERSITY. These unique bags are available in packs of 3 or packs of 10 per design.

These functional and attractive bags are a welcome addition to your car, boat, camper, school bags, pocketbook. You may never know when the need strikes, but you will know you are prepared for the emergency. Pregnant women will find them extremely helpful when commuting or when driving. Moms and Dads with toddlers will also be grateful if they have these great motion sickness bags on them when needed. These oversized bags will hold up to almost any emergency use and the bags have tabs for safe and sanitary disposal into any garbage facility. You will never have to worry again about nausea or vomitting when you have these bags with you. No more embarrassment in making a mess of your car, train seat, or friends boat!!

Grandmas- to -be should give these as a gift immediately.. It will be most appreciated by the moms-to-be!



  1. marlene says:

    My pregnant doaughter used these bags during both of her pregnancies. She suffered from hyper-emesis ( lots ov vomiting) for the first 5 mos of her pregnancy.. she threw up several times a day..while on a bus to work and in her car.. Momma’s bags were a gift from heaven for her!! the bags held everything and then the wipes were great on the clean-up after… Great designs for moms and for travel Thank you MOMMA for creating these..

  2. We were all so happy when the first of our college friends became pregnant. We had to get together and as a goof gift bought her a pack of Momma’s Chic Sicbags. Turns out our friend had terrible morning sickness. While commuting to work one day she found that this product was not a goof but a necessitate. She asked where we found them and continued to buy them through her pregnancy. She found the over-sized bags easy to carry, easy to dispose off and she loved that each bag had it’s our sanitary wipe. Now this product is on the must have list as we are all starting families. years.


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