How The Miner Was Thoughtful On Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, the miner was away at work on his 6 week hitch. It was a typical day, even if it was a “holiday”. I did dishes. I did laundry. I was managing the daily operations as usual. We weren’t spending the day running to here, running to there or even hanging out with family. The mini miner’s were enjoying the slow down from the day; because sometimes a slower pace gives us all a break.

The miner had already called me bright and early to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day; thousands of miles away – he can still make me say ‘awww’.

So as I was going about my day, watching movies and cleaning house; my kids come running in handing me a red rose and a card. Inside the card:


Your Husband ~ The Miner.

Apparently The Miner decided to call his brother next door and have him go buy these things. And then they handed them off to the kids. Which then they handed it off to me. And you see, there are two stories behind this red rose.

1. When I first met The Miner 9 years ago, on Valentine’s Day he sneakily went to my work and placed a chocolate red rose on my car’s windshield minutes before I was to get off. I never at the rose. I stored it away, but it was lost in the various moving we have done over the years.


2.  There is this song by Alan Jackson, Like Red On A Rose. The Miner says whenever he hears it when he is out working he thinks of me.



Like red on a rose
When your lips first smiled at me
I was captured instantly
To each his own
Like blue in the sky
The gaze of your willing eyes
Touched something deep inside
The truth be known
That I love you like all little children love pennies
And I love you cause I know that I can’t do anything wrong
You’re where I belong
Like red on a rose
And I love you like all little children love pennies
And I love you like good times of which I’ve known many
And I love you cause I know you give me a heart of my own
You make my blood flow
Like red on a rose
Thank you Miner. I love you and I’m glad to celebrate Mother’s Day by being the mother of your mini miners.