Memories Of When The Kids Were Still Young

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there are days with my children I want to run straight out the door and scream “Help Me It’s Insane In There!”, but I manage to take a step back and remind myself that these days are truly the great ones. This is the time that my children actually want to be around me and still like me. I truly dread the preteens and teenage years. I for one was quite the teen. I watch my niece and sometimes I wanna just shake her back to normalcy. I hope that I never forget the crazy things my kids do.


Her flare for dramatics may get her into acting. Her running into the house, throwing herself on the floor and telling me she has no friends, is actually amusing. She has friends, again it’s the dramatics. Having to tell her constantly to ask for the pens, colors, pencils etc actually end with great pictures. She truly does have a knack for drawing. She wants to be an illustrator, so I guess the coloring isn’t so bad. (unless it’s on her brother and sister, can we say tattoo artist?) Her love for mermaids make for great fun in swimming pools etc. Her “no fear” motto amazes me and admire her greatly for it. Though I do worry about her bashing her head on the side of the pool when she is doing front flips off diving boards etc, and I worry about broken limbs when she is standing straight up on what looks to be the flimsiest limb, on the highest tree, she has climbed for the day and her strength to argue her point until she is blue is face gives me a little solace that she will fight for what she believes in. The fact that she spends countless hours searching for fossils, shells, bones etc may end up in a great career. She is very eager to learn about everything. She writes notes to everyone and they are always truly heartfelt, she’s got a big heart.


His days of fighting off bad guys and evil doers, leads me to think he will be very protective as he gets older. He defines boy the best that I can think of. He gives amazingly great hugs and can win anyone over with his eyes. He tells everyone he hates girls, his mommy is his favorite girl and tells most older girls they are his girlfriend. He loves the power rangers, lives and breathes them at the moment. Can spend a good hour kick attacking and karate chopping the invisible people. Is the mini version of his Dad. (that part I enjoy the most) His ploys for getting his way involve lots and lots of sad looking faces. (nice try) He thinks that every tall and large man are comparable to Superman. His daddy is the ultimate Superman. He may talk like R2-D2, but he knows what he wants and will keep trying to tell us. He’s a homebody. He will fight with his sisters, only to defend them ten seconds later.


She doesn’t like to get dirty unless it’s with he brother. She loves anything girly and princess. She has unbelievably beautiful curls in her hair, that drive me crazy. She sneaks the nail polish so Brodie can paint her fingers and toes. She will tell everyone to act like a lady (in other words don’t wear clothes that show too much skin), but will strut around naked if need be. For some reason insists on telling me she has to go potty even though she’s been potty trained for a year now. Giggles at everything. Never walks anywhere, she skips, dances, twirls, shakes or whatever else you can think of. I have to hold her hand otherwise she will chase the nearest butterfly. Has one mean temper and will fight to the death for her loved ones. Oop (oops without the “s”) before every sentence. ( i.e. oop I farted, oop I gotta go potty, oop It’s Brodie, oop where’s Dayton etc) She loves animals. She’s my mini me, very carefree and free spirited. Sings “Shake Shake Shake…Shake your booty” and dances to it. Tries to make everyone laugh all day.

These things I hope I never forget when they all become menacing preteens and teenagers. These are the best days for sure!