I love to hug and kiss my kids. Nothing is sweeter. And though I love when they go to sleep, I sometimes want to wake them up just to get one last kiss or hug. I know, I know. Amateur.

What the….

I snapped these pictures of Brent after he grilled all day on Tristan’s unofficial third birthday. He usually takes a nap around 3 in the afternoon while he is home. Can’t really blame him as he works for 4-6 weeks without a day off. So yeah I’d imagine he is only slightly exhausted. But sometimes, […]

Pat On The Back

Just wanted to say how proud of the hubby I am. He got yet another promotion, this time to General Foreman (or as his Dad likes to joke General Flunky) and another raise!!!! He’s super awesome at what he does and after all we’ve been through I always knew what he could do. I am […]


The night Brent leaves I never sleep well. It’s readjusting to him being gone and with the busy day, I usually get a nap in with the kids. Today/ Tonight being no different than the other times he leaves, I decide to run in and get the kids Subway for dinner. I’m a nice Mom […]

Gone and Home

So I am feeling quite better, not a hundred percent but better. Mr. Husband has gone back to work. Sad. But as always I am looking forward to the next time he is home. Unfortunately he also took our camera with him to work, but hopefully he’ll bring me home some pictures from up there. […]

A Little Something

My wonderful Grandmother sent an email with this link in it. Pretty cool! Check it out!

Clean Schmean!

A fellow blogging mother (Such Simple Pleasures on my blog roll links) wrote a blog about her messy perfect house, so I found some quotes and instead of bombarding her comments with them I am posting them for her here. (must go read she’s awesome by the way!) My home is not a place, it […]

Happy Momma’s Day!

Just a little shout out to all my blogging Moms and Moms in general! Have a fantastic day! “Why are you crying?” he asked his mom. “Because I’m a mother,” she told him.”I don’t understand,” he said. His mom just hugged him and said, “You never will!”Later the little boy asked his father why Mother […]

Wednesday Who?!

You know I really hate spelling the word Wednesday. It’s not spelled like it sounds, and that “N” really annoys me. Just a little randomness for the middle of the week. Today I accomplished some of my book, then realized I must travel. The area in which the book is taking place is somewhere I […]

Hooray For Corn!

Today we all got up early and headed to Helotes. Mind you I have been battling some serious bouts of restlessness and sinus crap all weekend, so I was negative on the sleep factor, but needed to get out of the house regardless. So we headed to Helotes, for the Cornyval! My two nieces and […]