5 Celeb Styles Inspiring My Weight Loss

I am working towards a goal of getting back to the weight I want to be. Not for health and not for other people, but because I enjoyed looking the way I did. Plus I will have to admit, there are super cute styles and trends right now that I want to pull off. Not […]

I love Brittany too

I was analyzing stats and information on my sites and the such when one of the keywords that landed a visitor to my sites struck me as obvious. I love Brittany too. And. I love you too!

Fairy Pocket Mini USB

So as we now I am an adult. A woman. And my husband isn’t always home. You get where this is leading to right?! Good. MyPleasure a leading online retailer of sex toys sent me a little novelty item to “play” around with and let you know what I think. First I know exactly your […]

I did my hair

Not that it is earth shattering news or anything, but I finally did the hair. Whew I feel better.   And I used box. I’m grounded.

I need hair dye something fierce

I mean c’mon y’all this is NOT OK. Roots showing is unacceptable.

Influencing and Inspiring and Breaking Borders

Just a few short months ago a situation put my online world into major perspective. I had already taken a hiatus from my mommy blogging and when I came back everything felt very different to me. It was no longer what I really wanted from my online world and I felt there was nothing but […]

Call me

So there I was enjoying my caffeinated drink. Enjoying the peace and quiet while the kids were outside playing. I decided it was a great time to finally tackle my personal email inbox and the such. This particular email receives 12345 million spam messages a day, along with the various FWD: FWD: FWD: and notes […]

Where I Come From

Let’s see I was born in Chandler, Arizona. Lived there until I was in the sixth grade. But I don’t really consider myself from Chandler. I was just a bare foot, dirty, non-matching clothes wearing kid. I thought riding bikes, playing with Barbie’s, dancing in the yard, playing in sprinklers and playing softball was all […]

It’s not the beginning or the end

It’s never the beginning. The beginning is almost always exciting. You build up that anxious feeling from the excitement. Any little worries you may have at the beginning will pester you but eventually wear off. It’s thrilling because the beginning is new. The end. The end is always a let down. You will say it […]

Personal Insight

What would a “blog” be without a little personal insight into who I am. I thought about making a super long list about who I am or typing out this well written blog post but that’s really not who I am. I like to throw out bits and pieces of information and come back later […]