How To Move To Alaska (Purging)

This is my first post in my guide on: How To Move To Alaska. I will be either writing more posts as I go along or I’ll turn into a static page for those interested in the entire process. But first things first… Obviously I advise you have money, time and HOUSE in place. But […]

I’m Chuck

I’m Chuck

I awoke this morning to two amazing texts messages, one from my BFF and the other from a friend saying “Morning Chuck”.  I’m Chuck. It’s my newest alter ego and the back story is long, complicated but mostly hilarious. The fact of the matter is I awoke this morning euphoric. I sat poolside last night […]

Pledging to be positive?

Somethings happen in life that just really aren’t what you decided you wanted to happen.  Sometimes as adults (maybe a small portion of them) accept that survival and sucking up the fact that you just have to do things you don’t wanna do (within reason, morals etc) – is something you have to do. As […]

The Internet Makes Me Question Life

I have once again taken a considerable amount of time away from the internet. You know, blogging, social media – the entire realm of it. Including porn. I am a full time student. I am a full time mother. I am a wife (when it fancies me – ha!). And while I had dreams of […]

New Years

It’s typical that about this time, people start looking back at the past year and looking forward to the new year. They even make fantastic New Years goals. I like to take a brief glimpse back only to check off the things I have accomplished and am happy about. But honestly, I love the feeling […]

Product Diversion

In all industries, when it comes to business, things are tricky and often times downright dirty. It’s a tough and rough battle to be in. Marketing. Advertising. Sales. Building your brand. Being reputable, respectable and having the ability to stand out from the rest. To say that owning your own business or starting your own […]

Beauty School Recap – Part 1

If you didn’t know by now, I have enrolled full time in Beauty (Cosmetology) School. I begun classes two months ago and I am only a small fraction into my education. My school breaks down the 11 month program into “zones”. Each zone consists of about 2 months (3 days a week, 10+ hour days) […]

Cut & Wax-A-Thon benefiting Phoenix Children’s Hospital

I just wanted to share this information for those that are local to the state of Arizona and/or Phoenix Metropolitan area! Cut & Wax-A-Thon benefiting Phoenix Children’s Hospital is Thursday 12/8. Come in between 10:00am and 12:00 for $5 Haircuts and $5 Facial Waxing at Kohler Academy. (My school) Be sure to connect with Kohler […]

Shop and Save at Christmas

When it comes to finances during Christmas we all seem to spend far too much and save too little?! Correct? And if you sit down and write down what you normally spend during the holidays there are two things that stick out: Gifts and Gas. Either you are buying presents and spending too much or […]

Hot Coffee Without A Coffee Maker?

A bit over six months ago I said goodbye to something very special and close to me. Caffeine via coffee. I stopped going to Starbucks all together until I studied their menu more and found other drinks besides coffee. It was a hard break up and one that I truly haven’t missed. Well until recently. […]