Making Money Online?

Right now I am on my stretch of telling you the truths of things I found out concerning saving money, coupons, creating a budget and now making money online (without a blog). Yesterday I made mention of two different sites that you can earn money from. Swagbucks you really don’t earn money, but points basically that you can trade in for items or gift cards. So it’s not cash in hand or in account but a round about way of earning money online. Today I wanted to give you the truth and my take on InboxDollars.

inbox dollars

I am not going to sit here and tell you that you can make a living off this. I have been registered for maybe two weeks, maybe a bit longer and I have made $12.42 thus far. And as a warning I would set up a separate email account for the emails you will receive doing this site. No, not spam, but they pay you to confirm and read email messages. And you can get up to 5 a day. Or I least I have. So when you sign up, and if you do please you my link, you get $5 immediately. Now of course the payout is $30.

They give you ways to earn this money. And not a lot of them are big bucks. And if you do you research you will find a few sites telling you how to get money quick through Inbox Dollars. I refuse to follow these steps as I refuse to use my credit card to sign up for trial offers. Your best bet is to work the process and work the process the best way you can possibly. The best advice I can absolutely give you, never pay money to make money. In the end you will get screwed somehow.

Either way as I said, legitimately I am not sure how you could make a living off this site unless you have a ton of free time. It is a great site to have and use for supplemental income or to earn a few extra bucks here and there. There is one offer that I would say make use of quickly through Inbox Dollars or in general and it’s called Winster. This is not a site that you are going to get rich off either. And it takes A LOT of patience. It’s like Swagbucks but instead you are playing games for points to cash in. I chose the option through Inbox Dollars because once I reach my points I will be credited $4 into my Inbox Dollars account. No not a lot and takes awhile. But it’s pretty simple. Play games. Earn points. You have the option through Winster also of paying to up your account. Don’t do that. Be patient. As I said. Don’t pay for anything! Set a goal for $30 or set a goal to just let the money accumulate for a year and cash out at Christmas. Could be a great little savings tool for extra spending money during the holidays.

Is it possible to earn a living online. Yes. I believe so. But it takes hard work and dedication. Both in which not all of us have if we are seeking that option in the first place. So if you are wanting to just make money online to have a way to get some extra spending cash once or twice a year, well then these are the sites for you. Everything is give and take when it comes to making money. They take your patience and give you money later!


  1. I can make more money doing a paid post. LOL I just don’t do those two, but you can try the paid survey sites. Felipe has a list of all the legitimate ones that actually do earn you real cash.


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