How To Makeup (Tips)

Makeup is a fun thing right?! We’ve all established this. We know that we can make or break a style (fashion) with makeup and hair. But did you also know that you can use makeup to help “correct” facial features too?

Well you can and here are some tips for doing it!

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1. How to make a wide nose – narrower. 

Apply a darker powder (or likes – shader) – along the sides of the nose and then apply a highlighter (powder) down the center of your nose.


2. How to shorten a long nose.

Use a darker powder to contour along the tip of your nose.


3. How to make your chin not look prominent.

Contour (use a dark powder) the prominent area. Be sure to blend underneath and onto the throat. (Blending is always important).


4. How to get defined cheekbones.

Apply highlighter (lighter powder) over the very top of your cheek bone. Then under the cheek bone (hollow area) use a darker powder for contouring. Again remember to blend. This is also great for getting the cheeks to look even more dramatic if you cheekbones are already defined.


5. How to make your chin be a bit more prominent.

Do you have more of a recessive chin? Apply highlighting makeup on or under the chin.


6. How to make your chin look less pointed.

Soften the point of your chin by using a contouring product or slightly darker foundation.


7. Lose the double chin.

Do you look like you have a double chin? Use contouring makeup on the “heavy” area to make it look slimmer and recede.


8. How to make your jaw look less broad or square.

Contour along the jaw and up into the sides of your face to visually sweep away the width. You can use a deeper foundation.


9. How to make your forehead look less broad or high.

Contour along the outside edge of your forehead or along the top to shorten the appearance.


Remember blending is key! And I recommend checking out this contour kit by Makeup Forever and this highlighting product by Urban Decay!