Best Makeup Looks Of Female Country Music Artists

I could literally go on for hours about the various sources of inspiration I have for different style of makeup but I wanted to touch on my roots a little. I think at some point in time every little girl turned on their radio and belted Reba songs as loud as they could. We all have that memory of country music in our lives and some kept those memories close and carried with them farther into life.

I didn’t exactly keep it close but I acknowledged it’s presence. It’s in my blood, the south – the country. The idea of living a certain way – it’s there. And female country music artist’s were once high upon my list of whose looks just seemed to embody everything I wanted when it comes to beauty and poise. And as times have changed, so have the stars but that doesn’t mean that the classics aren’t there – it just means we may be overlooking them.

So – let’s cover the best makeup look of female country music artists (old and new) and then I want to hear which ones are your favorites!

martina mcbride

Martina McBride is stunning. She’s gone from short hair to long hair and there isn’t a look of color that she hasn’t tried that looked bad. Her makeup isn’t subtle but it isn’t flashy. It’s the perfect blend for those country girls.

carrie underwood

Carrie Underwood is one classy country music girl. She pulls of hairstyle like no other and her makeup is the epitome of elegance and she knows how to make it versatile with any setting.

reba mcentire

Reba McEntire is classic and new country. She has grown elegantly with the times. And she is by far one of my favorite red heads ever. She can pull of any makeup look, any hairstyle and fashion better than most.

faith hillFaith Hill is much like Reba as she has changed seamlessly with the trends, time and more. But Faith can go from sexy to classy in all of .5 seconds. I think she is one of the most stunning country music artists out there.

jennifer nettles sugarlandJennifer Nettles of Sugarland not only has fantastic hair, but her makeup looks are always amazing. She has found the right way to show off her eyes, accent her cheek bones and still draw attention to her lips without overdoing it and being tacky.

miranda lambertMiranda Lambert is the ultimate hardcore cowgirl – country girl. She is tough, sexy and amazing. Who doesn’t love Miranda? She knows exactly how to add a touch of mascara and sweep of lipstick and go from tough country girl to sultry red carpet lady.

kelly clarksonI love me some Kelly Clarkson. She easily takes girl next door to a whole other level with her looks. She knows that her eyes are stunning and knows just the right way to play them up.

patsy clinePatsy Cline is classic. She is timeless elegance. I have very little words for just how stunning she is.

loretta lynnWhen Loretta Lynn was younger (and still to this day) she had this unique look she pulled off. She almost was pulling off the nude makeup look but with flair and personal touches. She had a look of freedom is the only thing I can articulate.

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Haven’t always been Shania Twain’s biggest fan though she is the only person I know that has made me want to wear animal print anything – but she can pull off some hot makeup looks. HOT HOT HOT.

So there you have it. My top ten best makeup looks of female country music artists. And if you keep an eye out — I’ll be showcasing how to get theses looks soon!

Do you have a favorite look from a country music artists? Share and I can help how to get that look!