Makeup On A Budget

I was asked recently the following question: What are some of the best make up products for someone who doesn’t wear it often and doesn’t want to spend a ton on it because it tends to go bad before they use it all?

And again my heart became happy that I could answer this. Makeup is something that you have tiers of. You have the expensive to the mid price to inexpensive. When I was a teenager or even an adult – with very little cash in the budget for makeup – I would opt for the inexpensive makeup. I never had any problems with the quality of the inexpensive makeup at all. But that still doesn’t help those who are wanting the answer to the above question.

So we will skip over the the top two tiers of price range and head to inexpensive.

beauty products


Now remember too, that inexpensive makeup is also a great Christmas gift for those starting to learn makeup and even great stocking stuffers. But some of my top two choices for good makeup that is affordable is:

Their Studio Flawless Finish Foundation is only $6.00. That’s it. And you can purchase a starter kit for $20.00. Mind you this is only their foundation products. Their highest priced item is a 150 (yes one hundred and fifty) piece gift set for $150.00. That’s $1.00 per product. AMAZING! Which, I would love to have, mind you. Go take a quick peek at what is included in that.

Either way, I have products from e.l.f. and I adore them. Their eyeshadow lasts a long time and stays well.


wet n wild makeup

Next is Wet n Wild makeup. I purchase these products especially for my daughter and I recently bought their nail polish just for myself for a whopping $0.99 and LOVE it. A tube of mascara can be purchased at Walgreens for about $3.99. So they fall into the same price range as e.l.f and are great quality too.

The most expensive item I have seen at  Walgreens was near $6.00 for foundation but prices may vary by stores you visit. Either way — affordable, good quality and won’t break your budget at all.


Now before I leave you with just that I want to recommend just a couple things. I like to spend a lot on my mascara. Only because I have sensitive skin and seem to be sensitive to a variety of products. I have noticed that I can use very few mascara brands otherwise I end up with eye issues and well that is no fun. But that does not mean you are the same. Look into what works for yourself.

Second, learn all about makeup and beauty product expiration’s. You may be surprised to see that your makeup will last longer then you might have thought. For instance, powder makeup has a longer life then most. So with that in mind — I recommend buying bareMinerals. I realize $30.00 for a thing of foundation may seem steep but if you do not use a lot of makeup then think of it as 6 month or year investment. You may not use the full thing in a year so you won’t have to buy 3-4 foundation bottles (nearing close to $30). You purchase it one time and are good to go. But other inexpensive brands do make mineral makeup too — I just have had the best experience with bareMinerals.

So there you have it. Makeup that is affordable and of good quality for those that aren’t makeup addicts like me!

Any questions?


  1. I splurged and bought myself bareMinerals foundation and blush since I don’t wear it often, but I buy cheaper eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadows since I do my eyes more often, and mascara expires so quickly.

  2. I just invested about $200 in BareMinerals and I LOVE IT. I hardly ever wear make up and when I do I’m not used to it and it feels caked on and heavy. BareMinerals doesn’t! I love love love it. Because there is hardly any moisture in the products themselves they last a long time. (Could I sound more like an infomercial?)

    • LOL I’m a walking talking infomercial for them and (other) products — we use them at school. When you work with them constantly you can’t help but support and advertise them!!!!