Beauty In Special Occasions

My best friend and I are what you would call addicts when it comes to the world of fashion and beauty. We admire high quality, creativity and finding out that even normal days can be turned into special occasions. When it comes to those special occasions (from Weddings to Glamorous Road Trips) – there are […]

Be Thankful

It’s Thanksgiving. And most every single blogger has a post popping up about being thankful. Pinup Chronicles details her thankfulness in stylish form, giving thanks to heels and glitter and new trends. I am going to have to bow to her mind of great ideas and do my own giving thanks – in beauty form. […]

Unique Acne Treatment

If you haven’t caught on to a good deal of my skin care information revolving around acne, I highly suggest you take a look around. Especially those who suffer from acne. I have spent a great deal of time investing in my skin due to acne and learning all that causes it, helps heal it […]

Hairstyles For Thanksgiving

And you thought I was going to leave you hanging huh?! Not so much. If you read I covered the best makeup looks for Thanksgiving and Pinup Chronicles covered What To Wear On Thanksgiving. Now it’s time to complete the entire look with hair and make your Thanksgiving amazing and stylish. So here are some […]

What Are These Hair Brushes For?

I did a quick run down of what hair brushes and combs you should have, but I didn’t really go in depth with their purpose. Now I’m going to do that. Hopefully the explanation of each of these will help you understand the purpose and usage of them and in turn help you in making […]

Thanksgiving Makeup Style

I know that you have a fabulous Thanksgiving day planned. I know I do. It’s one of the best things about the holiday’s – getting dressed up, applying makeup and doing your hair – to have that stunning holiday look. It’s fabulous. It’s fun. It’s all about looking great. The best part is, I’m going […]

What Bumble and Bumble Product Should I Use?

Last week at school we got to do Cleanse and Condition PK on Bumble and Bumble products. PK = Product Knowledge. We made some pretty amazing posters and got some great in depth knowledge on Bumble products and then presented to our classmates. The idea behind this exercise was for obvious reasons – being knowledgeable […]

Women’s Boots

I am just a few days away from already being a full month into school. What may seem like very little time, is actually huge. With this realization, it puts me right at having ten months left. Just ten. One month down and ten to go. It’s already flying by and my brain is overwhelmed […]

Something About Silver

I have to share a little secret about me – I don’t wear a lot of jewelry. I am obviously fanatical about hair, makeup and all things beauty but when it comes to anything fashion (accessories included)  I’m a bit on the “eek that girl is a hot mess” side.  Add the fact that I’m […]


I like to tell myself that 28 is still young. I like to pretend in my head that my body, hair and skin aren’t totally making those thoughts a complete and utter lie. But truthfully – I’m harsh on my body and hair. Going to beauty school has not only proven that, it’s also made […]