Piggy Paint

For Tristan’s birthday I was really excited to give her Piggy Paint. Both my girls love dressing up, putting on makeup, nail polish etc. I hate using my nail polish with them and Brent hates the smell of it. I was concerned when I handed Tristan the Piggy Paint that she would blow it off […]

You Can Make This Giveaway

Like I said before, coming up with ideas for Tristan’s birthday was difficult. I was approached a couple weeks beforehand about You Can Make This and a light bulb went off! I could make something crafty for her. She’s four so we still have awhile before the expensive gifts come into play. So let me […]

Step 2 Arctic Splash Water Table

As each birthday draws near with all three kids, coming up with ideas are harder and harder. How many toys, books, etc can I buy a year? How many unique toys can I buy before they all look the same? And now that we have moved to Arizona, the heat, outside toys are harder to […]

Mystic Wonders Inc

It’s Day 3 and my birthday! Wahooo!!! Today I am bringing you Mystic Wonders Inc. When I found out about Mystic Wonders Inc, I spent a good hour on their site saying, ‘NO WAY!’. When it comes to laundry, especially for a family of five it’s pretty much hopeless. I have NEVER had an empty […]

Juice Beauty Review

Today I would like to introduce you to Juice Beauty. When it comes to my skin, I have issues. First, I am 25 and I still have MAJOR break outs. I mean MAJOR. A week before my period and I look 16 again. It’s a bunch of crap really. More than 2 cokes of any […]

Lush Review

It’s day one of my Earth Day Blog Party and I couldn’t be more excited to introduce everyone to some Green, Earth Friendly, Natural products. This party is my way of helping not only myself but others learn alternatives to the everyday products we already use. The baby steps to going Green. There are many […]

Shidonni Review & Giveaway

I was really excited when I was asked to review Shidonni. Now that Brodie is 8 and really getting into the computer, Brent and I are very, very weary of websites she visits. She has for the most part stuck to safe and educational websites, but one wrong click and my 8 year old might […]

J.R. Watkins Review

Make It Easy – Thursday This day I am devoting to another review, but for us, as Moms once again. I never understand the idea that we can’t be good for our kids if we aren’t good to ourselves. It seemed to be a ridiculous statement in my book. But the more I evaluated my […]

The Fragrance Collection by Glade – Review

I was able to try out and spread the word thanks to BzzAgent , The Fragrance Collection by Glade. I am a lover of all things smell good. OK, to be myself in this honest review about this product, I am a smell whore. When it comes to candles I tend to look for a […]

Goosie Cards – Review

I was given the wonderful opportunity of reviewing Goosie Cards and I could not be more excited! Let me go ahead and give you some information all about Goosie Cards before I give you my review on it! (Taken from their website goosiecards.com) Goosie Cards® Goosie Cards are the first and only custom flash cards […]