Unique Makeup Gift Idea

I was just sitting here thinking about all the Christmas posts I need to catch you up on and I thought I would share you with a fun Christmas Makeup Gift Idea that is fairly inexpensive and great for women, teens and tweens! So what is it and what do you need? How about Christmas […]

Winter Weather Must Haves

When it comes to these months leading up to Christmas there are a few things you will need when it comes to beauty. And I’m not just talking makeup – it’s hair – it’s everything.  It’s the little things that are going to save you (and your beauty) so you don’t look and feel miserable.These […]

Makeup On A Budget

I was asked recently the following question: What are some of the best make up products for someone who doesn’t wear it often and doesn’t want to spend a ton on it because it tends to go bad before they use it all? And again my heart became happy that I could answer this. Makeup […]

Happy Skin For Winter

During the Christmas and winter months, my skin dries out and resembles something ugly and out of a horror story. It shrivels and cracks and hurts. And I mean it hurts. It’s uncomfortable and I get moody and well you get my disdain for the feeling. I can give you about 100 ways to improve […]

Keep Fit During The Holidays

There is something I dread every year and it’s the spread of holiday food that will greet my eyes and tempt my taste buds. I’m sure all of you know exactly what I am talking about. And as soon as we give in to temptation what do we do? We watch our waistline expand and […]

Shampoo and Conditioner Options

I once talked about the best shampoo (and conditioners) that are affordable and of good quality. Walking into a store, like say Walmart, you realize your options are endless. And the average person who doesn’t attend school for cosmetology, really isn’t going to understand why you should use X product instead of Y product. Right? […]

How To Recreate The Smokey Eye

When it comes to classics around the world, the classic makeup look that will never die away is the smokey eye. It’s beautiful. Versatile. But when I was asked how to make it softer – my heart was happy. The beauty of beauty – makeup – is that you can do anything you absolutely want […]

Does mascara color make a difference?

There are some questions that we all have when it comes to makeup, hair and life in general right? Well we all have searched the internet, asked other people and even done ancient things like opening a book. And alas we never seem to have the answers to our questions. Insert Brittany. I have had […]

How To Do A Curly Hairstyle For Long Hair

I bet you have been dying for me to get more tutorials out there, especially now that I am in school. Honestly you are wondering what the benefit to you is when I’m in school right?! Well let’s get started on how to do a curly hairstyle for long hair. You can probably pull this […]

Sneak Peek At My Christmas List

My Christmas list this year isn’t going to be as long as one might thing. Of course I want all things hair, makeup and beauty related. But with what I gain at school and already have – well I have to be a bit more logical. This year has been a good year for me […]