skiniD Evaluation – Acne Solution

As you all very well may know by now, I suffer from acne. And have for quite some time. I have tried so many products known to man that I have a lifetime worth of knowledge to help other acne sufferers out. But believe it or not, there are other acne solution products out there […]

Ice My Style

In plenty of my previous posts regarding fashion and jewelry I have explained that; one I am not the best fashion minded and two jewelry isn’t always my thing. I don’t wear a lot of earrings because then I catch myself playing with them. And that is distracting and a horrible habit. I will wear […]

Products For Sensitive Skin

I have pretty sensitive skin and it seems as the older I get, the more extreme it gets. One of the entry requirements for a giveaway I had done, was asking to let me know what you wish you knew more about when it comes to beauty. Let’s all be honest and say nobody is […]

Top 10 Songs To Play At Christmas

Here are my personal favorites when it comes to Song To Play At Christmas (especially when opening gifts, decorating the tree or eating Christmas dinner)! You think that I would pass up a holiday without posting a Top 10 song list? You are crazy! I am not the biggest fan of Christmas or cold weather […]

Ulta Makeup Kits

I hate being cold. HATE. It’s a powerful word, but it’s how I feel about winter and being cold. But I am a positive person and I have to find the good in it. The silver lining. Well the two good things are Christmas and Christmas deals. And as I was researching and educating myself […]

Christmas Makeup

In my efforts to always keep myself educated on some of the best buys out there during each holiday I have stumbled across some fabulous Christmas makeup. There are a ton out there and I have written a few posts already about the various Christmas beauty products I have found and great ideas for gifts. […]

5 Fabulous Textured Hairstyles

Right now I would describe my hair as absolutely boring. The thing about attending beauty school is the minute you walk in you think that. You want to cut, style and color your hair at least a thousand different ways. And until you get that first cut, you deem your hair lifeless and boring. My […]

Sparkly Nails

You cannot cover sparkly fashion and sparkly makeup without covering the nails. That would just seem silly. And I’m pretty sure I will come up with something unique when it comes to sparkly hair! So here is a list of fabulous ways to flaunt sparkly nails (and maybe how to do it too! You’ll just […]

Facial Profiles and Hairstyles

There are a variety of factors that will and should influence your decisions when it comes to your next haircut and style. Whether it be your face shape, lifestyle, clothing style and what I am about to talk about now – facial profile. It may seem like a lot of information that you will walk […]

Makeup That Sparkles

You can add glitter and you can add makeup — then you make me happy. Pinup Chronicles recently covered How To Wear Sparkles when it comes to your personal style. And I wanted to follow up with how to wear makeup that sparkles. First and foremost whatever you do, do not overdo it. Pick your […]