Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray Campaign

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray Campaign

By now you should already know that part of my education is affiliated with Bumble and bumble. I love their brand, values and company as a whole. I am earning not only my education in Cosmetology but as an extension – an education with Bumble (from product knowledge to editorial work not behind a chair). […]

5 Short Hair Cuts To Consider

5 Short Hair Cuts To Consider

I have short hair. Since starting school in November, my hair has steadily gone shorter and blonder. I’m not afraid to experiment. I was browsing Pinterest this afternoon and found 5 Short Hair Cuts that I would consider going shorter for. Or that you should. Whatever. But courtesy of Pinterest (and citing original source of […]

No Makeup Summer Tip

No Makeup Summer Tip

Summer is always my favorite time because I don’t have to wear much makeup. My skin stays relatively clear and I worship (I know not a good idea) the sun. But this three product ensemble I am about to share with you is also good for anytime. Yet I have to say is the best […]

Improving Skin Tone

Having beautiful skin is every women’s dream. Regardless of how much time we express our distaste for media influencing ones perception of beauty, we can’t deny that they have one thing right. What? Well never once in my life did I actually say, “Oh I wish I had bad skin, bad hair and I’d also […]

Best Of Beauty 2011

As if I could really finish of 2011 without recapping the best of what this year offered beauty wise. Mind you though, there are so many things — that I decided to ask around and see what people were in love with. So here you go, a round up from some of my people on […]

Acne Treatment Tip

I told y’all that I was going to post about acne treatments as much as possible and as soon I learn about them. The other day at school our zone (class) was able to go into the retail lounge of our school and shop for products. We were also able to ask a million question […]

Nails For New Years

I could possibly do about a hundred million posts about Christmas and other holidays, especially when it comes to your nails. They are absolutely one of the funnest ways to be creative, unique and add flair to yourself. They are also and almost always are, a perfect statement “piece”. One you can dress up or […]

Quick Makeup On The Go

It seems as though lately I am always on the go. I am either running here, running there, taking someone here or taking someone there. I then have school, kids and a long list of various other things that could take a blog post to explain (or more). And today was no different. I had […]

Fun and Messy Short Hairstyle

About a week ago I went in and had all my hair chopped off. It was about 2 inches or so past my shoulders and now it barely sits on my shoulders. And with spring right around the corner (OK I am thinking wishfully) I realized I needed to start getting my hair lighter. Unfortunately […]

Stila Cosmetics Galore

So with Christmas literally right around the corner I am trying to keep up with all the amazing things happening with beauty products and companies. Sometimes I am just not that good. But today I decided to go visit Stila Cosmetics and I just happened to stumble upon some beauty goodies galore with them. So […]