Love A Little Stronger

I moved to the south when I was the very ripe age of seventeen. I packed my car, latched my newborn into her car seat, kissed my family goodbye and with my future husband hit the road of unknown. My husband was born and raised in Texas. He was already armed with the knowledge of the south and it’s culture. I on the other hand was unprepared for the beauty I was about to experience. I can’t say I wasn’t frightened either.

There are so many things that I took away from living in the south. There are so many things that still draw me back there and make me homesick. I call Texas my home and I want to spend the rest of my life there. Of course life never goes the way we want and often times we go where life leads us and not our hearts. The south is where my heart always be. But I wanted to talk about one thing that I walked away with from the south.

girl walking

I walked away with the strength and knowledge of love. Not the type of love that is ooey gooey sticky and requires hanging all over your significant other. It’s the love that involves fighting, unity and little power over one another. You see my family in the south taught me to welcome one another with open arms. That blood doesn’t necessarily equate to family. That opening your heart to everyone is done out of love and the goodness of your being. When you fight, you fight because you care. When you come together in unity, you do so out of love and that you hold no power over the ones you love.

Then there is the love of relating. Not the love in a relationship. Not the love of a friendship. It’s finding someone and seeing how you relate to that person in even the smallest way and loving them. There has been numerous debates about the existence of unconditional love and if you ever experienced it, you know the debate was baseless. It is not about the good or the bad. It is not about the physical or motions. It’s about the whole entire person sitting in front of you being exactly who you know them to be. They can be your best friend, your father or father in law. It’s about taking a moment or even an hour to truly grasp who that person is.

There are not many places like the south. Living in the southwest only solidifies and provides proof to my statement. Being a family or loving someone is not or should not be a chore. Or even a job. It’s something that feels good inside to do and you know feels good to the other person(s) involved. And maybe there is more to it than just love but I see it all wrapping around and back again to love. Even at someones weakest moment they deserve to be loved just as much as anyone else. Because we all have those weak and dark moments. We all want to be provided the exclusive feelings from another during those moments.

Before I get any more preacher style on you, I will say I walked away from the south knowing just how to love a little stronger. When the world is pear shaped there will always be someone to help you form that perfect circle again. Take the time to love those near you only a little stronger. Not because someone else says it’s the right thing to do, or because they have a religious point to make. Do it because you want to and it feels good to you. In the end, the finality of this ride — you are the only person who can say where you may have gone wrong and I wish I would have done that different.