Love Creek Orchards – A Slice Of Heaven With A Side Of Apples

I don’t have a serious addiction to apples or anything. I eat them occasionally and enjoy them. I don’t turn them into pies, jams or anything else. I’m a simple, bite and eat the apple kind of girl. But in Texas I found a place that made my love for Apple’s grow into something serious. Something more than just lust or even like.

The town that I used to live in, Bandera was small. No more than a thousand people living there (including children). Just down the road was an even smaller town, Medina. Medina is famous for one thing (well maybe more but famous to me), Apples. The have a apple festival there every year and you can find anything you want and they will add apples to it somehow.

There is a store – cafe – orchard there that will make you never want to leave Medina. Love Creek Orchards. And what exactly do they sell there that makes me swoon?

love creek orchards



No that is not a joke. It’s like apple pie soft serve style. Nothing can compare. It’s amazing. It’s rich. It’s HEAVEN! So if you are ever in the Hill Country Area – look up Love Creek Orchards and get you some ice cream. The only thing you might regret is the pounds you’ll gain from the addiction to it!