Lost Pictures – Found

So yesterday I got this brilliant idea to clean my computer. Not like delete things. And not like wipe it down. One of the five hundred bagillion fans inside the tower was so caked with dust, I needed to give it a good blow job. (Oh. Dirty. Ha.) Anyhow, so I took it apart. Yeah I know what you are thinking. I thought it too but only AFTER I did it. Well I did something wrong and after I cleaned it all up the fan wasn’t starting so my computer was shutting down so it wouldn’t overheat. Of course, I obviously fixed the issue (don’t ask me how, it’s a long story). But before fixing it, I had a serious freak out moment. I suppose that is what addicts feel like when you take away their drug of choice. So I grabbed one of my flash drives so I could start loading stuff onto various places because I was going to buy a new computer. Well when I opened the flash drive there was pictures. Pictures from our Disneyland trip in 2008. I’m soooo excited about this. I totally (obviously) forgot about them. I will share some now:


disneyland afternoonLook at how tiny they are. Sooo cute.

disney 2008I love how random they are in this.

disneyland frontAwww.


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