How To Begin Losing Weight

I am no expert by any means and will not claim that my tips will help you lose weight. The following tips have merely helped in me kick starting my weight loss, feeling healthy and gain the energy to get up and move. It’s the first baby steps to beginning your diet and exercise regimen.

weight loss


First things first, you need to change what you are eating. I did. If I’m still shoving down the bad stuff but getting up in moving isn’t that almost a double negative? Well changing my eating habits is what helped get my weight loss trend going.

1. Cut Caffeine & Sugar drinks.

Now if you can’t completely cut them out, at least attempt to cut them down less and less. Go from x amount you drink a day to only 1. Caffeine when wearing off will make you feel sluggish. Badly.

2. Cut the white.

Eat more whole grains in every aspect possible. No white bread. Try sweet potatoes. Long Grain or Wild Rice.

3. Drink more water.

I realize this is a hard task. Very hard. But you can spruce up your own water drinks with fresh fruit from home. Try raspberries or squeeze some lemon into it.

4. Add more fiber.

I have bought more and more items (yogurt, oatmeal etc) with fiber in it. I feel like my insides are finally jumping for joy and clearing out.

5. Eat more but eat better.

Breakfast is a must. Eat a nice healthy breakfast. Have a snack to tide you over until lunch. Eat a nice healthy lunch. Eat another snack to tide you over until dinner. Eat a healthy dinner. No more snacks. Take a bottle or glass of water to bed with you. Make sure to check out the nutrition pyramid to make sure you are getting all the servings you need of fruits, veggies etc.

Now that you have changed your eating habits in small steps (it took me a month to get this down), you can start with the small steps of exercise. I have jumped head first into serious dieting and exercise and only landed on my butt. I realized that I had to change my habits for them to stick.

So start off small, take walks daily. They don’t have to be five hour, two hundred mile walks. It’s the act of getting up and getting yourself moving. Once you feel good enough extend the walks, go to face past walking, slow job and so on.

Like I said you will not see a huge difference right off the bat but you will feel good and the weight loss will come.


Then move on to the 30 Minute Workout and listen to the best workout music ever!