Children’s Museum in Tucson, Arizona

When I was my oldest daughters age I went to a hands on museum catered to kids’ and my favorite part was the grocery store exhibit. You could play cashier, pick out all the fruits and vegetables, throw in in the basket and “check out”. It was a lot of fun and at that age […]

Desert Botanical Garden – Phoenix, Arizona

Want something to do with the kids? Check out Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona: This is Spring Break for me and the kids. A long Spring Break at that. Two weeks. So the kids and I decided to hit the road, see the sights and make a journal of sorts of the best places […]

Over Easy Restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona

This summer when I was on the local news at the wee hours of the morning I was able to meet a wonderful lady, Milissa. As my friend and I were chatting it up with her (helping me to get over my nerves), we discussed eating breakfast after the segments. We ended up wanting to […]

Fun Indoor in Mesa, Arizona

When Brent comes home we are always on the lookout for things to do with the kids. Something new that we haven’t done before and that is exciting for us all. Whether it be from going to ride barks at a park, swimming in a river or going to an amusement park – we want […]

Cathedral Basilica

The Cathedral was most definitely a highlight of my trip. The days that the girls and I were in New Orleans we made sure to see the sights. You don’t drive in the French Quarters. Well you can, but walking is the most logical thing. So walking is what we did. We got up and […]

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Brent woke up with a wild hair up his arse. “Let’s go to the Grand Canyon”. Just like that, we packed, we piled into the truck and we went. The high was 63 degrees. Cooling to a 31 +/- at night. We paid $25 for a 7 day pass. We obviously didn’t stay all 7 […]


I have learned over the years here in Texas, that there is tradition to EVERYTHING. Every month there is something going on. Every weekend. Every holiday. Sometimes just random days there is something going on. Such as, at the beginning of every year, here in town, we have the stock show. The kids get two […]


Dear Gustav, First off I don’t like you. I know, not the best way to start a letter to a stranger, but it’s a fact. Now it would be totally awesome if you magically dissipated. That would be great. And take your sister Hanna with you. I’m pretty sure Florida has had enough. Anyway–I got […]


Pictures of Deer in our backyard… I was making a late breakfast, the kids were sitting at the table waiting so patiently. Then…Mom…Look…At…That..Buck… I hurried with the camera and took a couple pictures. But they aren’t so good as I had to sneak out the back door and quickly snap pictures before Tristan started growling […]

Do I Have To?

The country life. Not so simple. I used to actually own chickens. Yep. And Guineas. No not Guinea Pigs. Guinea Fowl. We lost them unfortunately. Snow, our Guinea wandered off and never came home. The chickens were, well chicken meat. Dogs, Coons and Possums decided to eat them. We had two Americana chickens survive and […]