Inside The Fire

If you haven’t heard about the Wallow Fire in North Eastern Arizona recently, then you may not exactly like the news or don’t have ties to the state. I do. I have my southern roots not born into me, but grown into by spending a decade in Texas from the age of 17 on. But […]

Kerrville, Texas – Movies in the Park

Whether you live in Kerrville, Texas or are planning a trip very soon you must make time for the free Movies in the Park event. My son was born in Kerrville, Texas and we lived there for a little bit of time. We also lived in Bandera (nearby town), but I never actually made it […]

Top 5 Things To Do In Bandera, Texas

I didn’t live in Bandera, Texas and not enjoy it. I enjoyed it so much that my family and I truly consider that place home. Of course I wasn’t born and raised there, but if you are ever looking to be happy in an amazing small town – move to Bandera. When it comes to […]

Easy Family Vacations or Staycations

I got a press release in my email this morning and normally I browse them over and see if it something that I can relate to so that I can share it with you. Often times I put it in a folder in my email to read over at a later date. Things usually change […]

Alaska’s Lakeshore Motor Inn

For the past six years my husband has been traveling back and forth to Anchorage (and farther for work in Alaska). When he reaches Anchorage he has to stay the night in a hotel before he boards another plane the next day. We were introduced to Lakeshore Motor Inn by his family and he has […]

Spring in Arizona

Spring time in Arizona has officially started. It has been for awhile, with temps sitting in the 70’s and 80’s. Yesterday we got a nice rain and today is beautiful as ever. With spring hitting here in the valley of the sun, I wanted to just point out some of my favorite things. Spring in […]

Canyon Lake Arizona

11 years Brent and I have been together and the one thing we have NOT done is camp together. I know. Gasp! When I was a kid my Mom took us camping everywhere. We would go all the way to Minnesota or just camp around the state of Arizona. I wanted to do this with […]

Flinstones Bedrock City in Valle, Arizona

Flinstones Bedrock City in Valle, Arizona

At the beginning of this year when we up and decided to go on our quick trip to the Grand Canyon one of the other places we stopped during the day was Bedrock City Arizona, located in Valle, Arizona right outside of the Grand Canyon. We stopped and ate a great lunch inside the gift […]

Planes of Fame in Valle, Arizona

Planes of Fame in Valle, Arizona

A few months back Brent and I decided to make a quick trip to the Grand Canyon. The kids had never been and Brent had never been. We drove up one day and hung about for a bit, got up the next morning and did a few things and then headed back on home. One […]

Saying Thanks – #BOBNOLA

I wanted to say thank you to the amazing sponsors that helped make Bloggers on Bourbon so fantastic! This is a huge list but I am here to tell you I had to go buy a whole other bag to get my stuff home! No joke! Brent just laughed at me and the kids dove […]