Lip Color To Match The Little Red Dress

Did you finally snag that perfect little red dress? Are you headed out for a fabulous Hollywood like night out on the town? Fantastic! But now I am assuming you are wondering what color of lipstick you must wear with it? Well let me help you out!

little red dress


The most obvious choice for lip color is finding a red that is going to match your dress.  And play with your makeup to get it to resemble that vintage Hollywood Glamour style. But if you are just unwilling to go with red, here are some great alternatives.

light beige

{Light Beige – Apply with very little shine, go matte}

pale peach

{Pale Peach – Same goes with this color, matte.}

sheer pale pink

{Sheer Pale Pink – You can add a touch of shine, but don’t over do it with this color}

soft red

{Soft Red – Go for a soft red shine, then use red matte lipstick in the center of the bottom lip to highlight and plump!}