Like Peanut Butter

The other day Brent and I were just having a normal conversation via instant messaging. He was telling me all kinds of sweet and wonderful things. Things that if he was home I would figure he was wanting something from me, but he’s saying it while gone which means he’s just home sick.

Of course I could just think he wants something anyways, he’s just pre softening the blow ya know.

Either way yada yada yada we are talking, talking, talking.

Then bam out of the blue –

“Brittany, me and you, we’ll always be together. We’ll always be perfect. We are like peanut butter.”


I’m just going to ponder that statement for awhile.


  1. You must stick to the roof of his mouth. hahaaaaaaa
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  2. Like peanut butter and jelly baby! And you am me we are apples and caramel hahahy

  3. Ria Clarke says:

    Must mean that you’re sometimes smooth, sometimes crunchy but everybody loves you either way.