Letters To Invisible People

When I was a kid, I wrote a letter to every single person or “made” up person.


Tooth Fairy.

Easter Bunny.

Etc, etc, etc.

I wonder if my Mom has all those letters. I am sure they would be quite comical to read. I poured my heart and soul into those letters. Asking Santa one year for a kiss from a boy I had a crush on.

I was 7.

Or younger.

Or older.


But in my tiny mind they knew everything about me. They would not share my secrets. They were that invisible best friend that came bearing gifts at certain times every year. Perfection in a child’s eyes.

Well Brodie lost yet another tooth last night. She walked into my room with a tiny bloody tooth in her hand.

“Mom, I lost another tooth.”

“OK Baby. Put it under your pillow for the tooth fairy.”

“It’s bloody. I’m bloody.”

“Wash it off and get a wet wash rag and put it in the gap.”

I told her to go to sleep otherwise the infamous fairy would NOT be visiting her. Off she went. Right before I decided to lay down the fairy snuck in there. There was a note with the tooth. The fairy replaced both with $1.00.

The following is what the letter said….

Dear Tooth Fairy,

If you get my tooth, I need 1.00$ and my tooth is full of blood. I’m sorry. But I hope it is OK.



My (insert drawing of a tooth) Tooth.

I’m still wondering what she needs that dollar for.