Layers Clothing Review

See I haven’t disappeared forever. I am here now bringing you my review for Layers Clothing. I have been in the market for a bathing suit since I had kids. I wanted a suit that I was bulging out of, showing way too much skin etc. I’ve had kids, my body shows it. So I was happy to find Layers Clothing and give it a go. Now be in mind I asked them for the review, there is no money or fluff being exchanged. Okay?!

I got to try out the Farrah swimsuit. It’s a two piece. I guess nowadays they call them takinis? What do I know..ha!? This is what it looks like….

now if only I looked like that! But here is a little information not about Layers Clothing, but about the swimsuit.

Cherry leaf print and apple green halter tankini. Mini
accordion pleat detail along v-neck line. Front lined
top with removable bra pads. Fully lined bottoms
with fold over band detail. Nylon/Spandex. XS-XL.

So how do I like it?

I liked the fit. The halter did have shorter straps to tie around my neck – now I don’t know if it’s because I have broader shoulders, but the straps were just a little bit shorter than I would have liked. With that in mind though, the halter fit very well. It covered well and was very comfortable. The removable bra pads is a HUGE plus. They do get a little shifted around and the small holes offer a way to get them back into place. The bottoms were my favorite part. They covered my HUGE bum amazingly. Now I have the belly to prove I’ve had three kids (you know the little kanga pouch) and the bottoms with the fold over band is awesome. You can fold it down to still look fashionable or if you have the pooch like me, keep the band up and it covers, holds and is extremely comfortable.

A lot of bathing suits also shrink up or tighten up after getting in the pool. I don’t understand why these do it at all. This bathing suit did not do that at all. The fit stayed the same after swimming and after washing. I did not dry this swimsuit though so I cannot say how the fit would be after. I don’t recommend from experience drying most bathing suits – as they do shrink that way. I normally wash in warm or cold water and hang dry.

I loved the style. It is a very, very cute style. Not flashy as I may have liked back in my non mommy or skinny days. Not to plain, I am still twenty – six! It’s very flattering. It’s comfortable and it’s well worth a look. So far I’ve worn it all summer swimming and enjoy it very much.

Now let me get you some information about Layers Clothing so you can have look. They more than just spectacular swimsuits to offer!

You can find Layers Clothing on their site –

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They offer not only swimsuits, dresses and tank tops. They have a variety of styles to chose from also!

You should definitely check out Layers Clothing official blog and follow along. Every Friday they have Fabulously Free Friday – giving away some of their amazing clothing!

Be sure to also check out their twitter, facebook and myspace!

Thank you Layers Clothing for letting me have a fun, fashionable and comfortable summer in my brand new swimsuit!



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    Very cute! I'm following you! I found you on Annette Piper's blog! 🙂