Kitchen Cooking With An iPad

Regardless of how many different recipes I know and create, I am always wanting something new to try. We all do right?! So what do we do, we head to our computers and check our favorite websites or even go to brands websites for recipes. But then we are stuck printing it out or writing it down. Occasionally we will get out our trusty cookbooks, but with technology these days we totally bypass that old fall back.

So imagine sitting in your kitchen with your trusty iPad and turning THAT in took a cookbook. Sounds great right?! Well guess what? There is an app for that! iCookbook.


First off, this app has thousands of name brand recipes. Yes thousands. And brand name? Think Hershey’s, Ortega etc. I sat down the other day and was almost overwhelmed because I didn’t know where to begin. So many choices. Luckily they make it easy for you and break things down. For instance:

icookbook main

See there on the right. You can break it down by Dish, Ingredient, Theme, Cuisine and more. Just like a physical cookbook, so that you aren’t overwhelmed by thousands of recipes and trying to figure out what might just spark your interest to cook for the day.

Once you figure out what recipe you want you get an easy to follow and understand “page” that includes a picture, length, type (crockpot, grill etc), cost and more. You can add notes, add it to your recipe box and also meal builder.

recipe icookbook page

But before I go any further I really should give you their breakdown of information on this cookbook app.

The iCookbook team of accredited food experts and nutritionists selected recipes that use readily accessible (and affordable) ingredients. The recipes will inspire you but are attainable for the busy cook that wants to solve the everyday problem of meal selection. Each recipe has been rigorously-tested either by the iCookbook team or the extensive testing process of your favorite brands, so you know they will turn out perfect each and every time!

Get new FREE recipes every month! Every month, the iCookbook team will carefully select a group of new recipes that you can add to your collection at NO ADDITIONAL COST so iCookbook will grow with you and become the only cooking app you will ever need.

More than just recipes, iCookbook is a complete cooking solution for your kitchen!
• Voice Commands. Completely unique to iCookbook is our hands free voice command. Cooks can proceed through the preparation steps without touching the Apple iPad screen. Just speak the simple commands to move to the next step, manage timers, view notes, and more.


So what I did is tried out some of the easier to make recipes, like there is one for cheesy chimichangas from Ortega. I added it to my recipe box and meal builder and kept browsing though as I wanted to meal plan with it. Which incidentally you can.

icookbook screenshot1

See that little box up there, Shopping List. Allowing you to create your list of things you will need. Perfect.

And like I have always said, I like these easy, simple. Too much work when it comes to the kitchen and you’ll never get me back in there. So with the iCookbook I can also browse through recipes and find ones that are EASY to make. It’s not full of culinary master and head chef recipes. Nope. So it is perfect for me. It’s like taking the old fall back of a cookbook but turning it into a technology wonder with all the bells and whistles to make cooking easy, fun and enjoyable to do!

Would I recommend this app? Oh you betcha! If it can make me like cooking how could I not and at a great price of $4.99. Tell me, tell me one cookbook that costs that much nowadays?!

So check out the iCookbook on iTunes and get to the kitchen – quick!


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