Kids’ Swing Set

My kids have a swing set. It’s not a fancy high dollar one. We used to have a wood one that we got but moving it from Texas to Arizona we knew it wouldn’t really survive the trip. And because we are a nomadic type of family we haven’t wanted to invest in another one. The chances of us moving again, even to another house in this state, always remain high.We want to wait until we make a large purchase like that. We want to know that we will be in that place for a LONG time before we up and buy one that we know we’d have to take all apart etc.

But for kicks I thought I would get an idea of what kind of wooden swing set the kids wanted. The kids and I are dreamers. We like to imagine having large things and then talk about what we do with it etc. Plus it’s my way of getting their imaginations rolling and see what they come up with.

Well they came up with something alright. These are what they picked.

castle swing set




house swing set

They have large imaginations.


  1. They have good taste, huh? Who wouldn’t love those? 🙂

  2. Great choices 🙂 I love looking at all the fancy swingsets 🙂