Kids School Paper Fun

A Kids School Paper Fun Craft!

We are not far from the end of the school year and if the papers aren’t piling up for you – you must be on top of your game! But with now two kids in school the papers pile up and the pile up quickly. I am fairly sentimental about their school papers, work that they get good grades on, letters, stories etc that they have written and things they have created. Call me a pat rack if you will – but tossing out these memories that I will never get back is so very hard for me. So I have come up with a fix and something quite fun to do with the kids school papers.

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Throughout the year I get a tote or a box to keep their papers that I enjoy. Like the ones mentioned above. After the school year is over or even in between I head to the store and buy binders, another tote and sheet protectors. Then I sort through them all once again and I pick the ones that I deem just extremely keep worthy. After than I let them go through the rest and let them pick ones that they want.

Then I let them decorate a normal piece of printing or construction paper with their name and put “Growing Up” or “Handy Work”.

Next step is to put all these sheets into the sleeve protectors and create the binder.

Once the binders are created I label them in a corner with grade and/or year and place them in the tote.

A simple way to keep things organized, get the kids involved in a fun craft and to keep all those great sentimental things they’ve made during their school years!

Also – don’t forget to label the tote somehow so it’s not misplaced etc!