Must Have Items For Traveling In Style

I don’t care what you say, carrying a tore up red ginormous bag through an airport is not only embarrassing but it’s annoying. Every one of us wants a stylish bag. What else do we want when traveling? Organization. And there is a ton more but those are the top two priorities when it comes to traveling. It doesn’t really even matter if it’s a weekend away with the girls or a week long trip for business. Those two things stay at the top. So here are my must have items for traveling in style!


krickette weekender

Krickette’s Weekender Bag

The perfect bag to travel with. Fits the stylish and organization {enough space to store your million outfits or just throw in the entire closet} priority we are desiring.

travel apps

Travel Apps

Who could not travel without apps? Delays, Pit Stops, Sight Seeing, Local Restaurants – you name it and we can find it with an app!

glam bags

Glam Bags

The perfect answer to keeping all your toiletries in one place and without worrying about spills and leaks. Plus hello, GLAM!



Are you kidding me? Comfortable and stylish shoes to travel in?! Score!

nook color

NOOK Color

If you aren’t going with the girls on a weekend away and are on a business flight, don’t lie — we hate talking to the mouth breathing stranger next to us. READ! And do it in color!

hope tank

Happy First Tanks

Again. Comfortable. Stylish. Have you ever traveled in the most uncomfortable clothing and you felt like you ruined your trip? Don’t do it anymore!

What are your must have travel items?


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