It Has Begun

A couple weeks ago Tristan finally made the leap to stay the night at a friends house. She has stayed the night at her Uncles, Grandparents BUT never a friend. Never without a family member be it a cousin etc that she was used to. I dropped her off and lingered awhile. Waiting for her to beg me to take her home. I was promptly shooed out the door after five minutes of lingering too long.

For the past five years Tristan has been attached to my side. She is a Mama’s girl without a doubt.

Before summer began we began prepping Tristan for the idea of Kindergarten. Summer goes by quick and I was afraid that she just wouldn’t go. And my fears were warranted as anytime we brought it up, she went into ultimate panic. Crying. Screaming. “I don’t want to be without you mom.” I was sad for her. I was mad at myself for not pursuing other avenues for her, like part time daycare. Then Dayton’s Kindergarten graduation came about and Tristan sat in his classroom. She was quite fearful looking about at all the people and commotion going on. She singled out a friend of Dayton’s father. She asked him all kinds of questions about what school was going to be like. Like a champ and veteran father he answered them softly and without skipping a beat. It seemed as though her fears and mine were put to rest.

SummerIs my toe headed, freckled face, very last baby actually grown up enough to attend Kindergarten? To spend the night without calling Mom in the middle of the night at a friends house? Really? Well yesterday I went and got her shots updated for school. Got her Kindergarten screening. Got her registered to go to Kindergarten. And when she came out of the screening, I asked her what they asked her and how she did.


And I have to accept it and start looking at prevera reviews because she is no longer my “baby”. I am no longer that young mother. I am now a mother of a fourth grader, a first grader and a toe headed, freckled faced, blue eye girl that is READY for Kindergarten. That is READY to stay the night at friends house. That when asked what happened past the walls that I can see in school – I get the same answers as her older siblings…”Nothing really”.



  1. It’s always so bittersweet watching them go from toddler to young lady. Sometimes (like me) it’s harder for the parents to let go than it is the child. Kaydee just turned 3 and she’s already begging to go to school.

  2. Lauralee Hensley says:

    Ahh, she’ll still want mommy the first time someone teases her in school about some little innocent thing. Especially the boys because they love to tease the girls when they are little.