isABelt Review

How could  I not bring you something like  isABelt for review and giveaway in a makeover party? Read on to find out why!

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I got to try out the  isABelt Wide and the isAStrips.

isABelt Wide


Product Description for isABelt Wide:
isABeltWide – A UNISEX belt without bulk.
1″ wide belt with no hardware, virtually disappears when worn. “isABeltWide ™ has finally ARRIVED! Keep your pants up the “isABeltWide™” way! A lightweight, flat, 1″ wide belt in clear or black that will support your pants with no bulky hardware. The “isABeltWide™” allows you to discretely wear a belt when you don’t want, or need the added weight of a belt or a belt buckle. Say goodbye to “belt bulk”, “back gap”, and “plumber’s butt”. A little wider for added support. Uniquely designed, one size fits all – up to 50″. Fully adjustable size 2/4 up to 50″
Discreet and comfortable, the amazing fashion accessory isABeltWIDE Virtually Invisible Belt is ideal when you need a belt, but a traditional one just won’t work with your outfit. Made to fit both women and men of all ages, shapes and sizes, this ultra thin and lightweight belt has a unique and full adjustability, designed to keep pants from slipping. Clear or black.

isABeltWIDE Virtually Invisible Belt Features:
• Helps eliminate back-gap, belt-bulk and belt slippage
• Great for fashion issues stemming from low-riser styles
• All sizes adjust down to accommodate smaller sizes (2/4)
• Fits up to 50”
• 1” thick
• Made of extremly elastic TPU
• Clean with damp cloth
• Made in China

How Did It Work For Me:

I hate belts. Truly. I realize that they can play a huge part in your outfit as a perfect accessory – but all to often than not, you get the plumbers crack, the bulging and they just never look right to me. It almost feels like a constraint than anything else. Well enter isABelt and all it’s wonder. I was told before hand — and this is truly important — DO NOT adjust like a bra. IsABelt has a how to page to explain the right way to get it to working for you. And work it does. I didn’t feel like I was being sucked in by a super cute belt. You couldn’t tell I was wearing it, so that I looked like a freak with a clear strap around my waist. Nope. Comfortable. Stylish. And very helpful so I wasn’t tugging at my pants to stay where I wanted them, when getting up and down, up and down. A superb must have for your wardrobe when the belt just ain’t cutting it!

Product Description For isAStrips:

isAStrips™ – Versatile, multi-use body & apparel tape.
The isAStrips™ are perfect to use with the isABelt products. Now you can use your isABelt ® even on those “favorite” pants that don’t have belt loops! Simply place an isAStrips™ over the isABelt® logo on inside of the isABelt® and press to waistband to secure. The isAStrips™ were designed to be the perfect “quick-fix” accessory. The transparent, hypoallergenic, double stick fashion tape secures necklines, bra straps, clothing, pant hems, shoe straps, accessories, scarves, jewelry in place and much more. Two isAStrips™ size options included. Made in two widths ½ inch and 1/inch thick. 36 to a box.

isAStrips Features:
• ideal when you want to wear your isABelt on a pair of pants or trousers that don’t have belt loops
• Secures necklines, bra straps, clothing, pant hems, shoe straps, accessories, scarves, jewelry in place and much more
• Transparent, hypoallergenic, double stick fashion tape
• Two sizes ½ inch and 1” thick
• 36 to a box
• Made in China

How Did It Work Out For Me:

I actually used these for my kids’ shoes. Brodie and Dayton have their shoes laced a certain way so they don’t have to tie them. It’s much easier on all of us for them to just slip them on and go. But there is one problem — they kind of have to tuck their laces into their shoes. Not a lot of lace to tuck, but enough to be a problem when it’s constant on and off with them. So immediately I turned to the isAStrips. For sure they had to keep the kids laces in check and get us back down to cutting shoe putting on time down. And worked it did. I can foresee the strips possibly running out of “stickiness” but not in a weeks or months span. So far we are back into the slipping of shoes on and no fights to hurry up tie shoes or the kids having issues on the playground, P.E or anything else. PERFECT!
Now go, go on! Go to isABelt. Learn about them too! Because I have something in store for you from them!!!!!!

Thank you to isABelt for providing me the products in this review



  1. Wow! What will they think of next? Is a bra, for when you don’t want a bra but need one?