Is it Tuesday, really?

Today was such a busy day and I feel I have got nothing accomplished! I went this morning early to work out and trained on the machine for my target work out. So now I can track my progress (reps etc) weekly if need be. I am really excited about that. I will have my weigh in soon. I next went and got my hair done by Diona at Spoiled Rotten. Diona is so awesome! She’s a great girl who I’ve not only gotten to know from her doing my hair, tanning there, but she has also come over for church stuff. But anyway, she did a great job on my hair today and I love it! Every time I go into Spoiled Rotten though, I totally think of Steel Magnolia’s. It’s cute! But that’s the joy of living in a small southern town. More of that for later. So after getting my hair done, I go home, water all my lovely plants and back to Spoiled Rotten to tan. And I had to stop off at the Post Office to get my husbands things sent off. Luckily no lines! I’ve swept and started some laundry but haven’t gotten much of anything else accomplished here at home. So much to do and so little time. And I still smell like tanning lotion! Gah! Hope everyone is enjoying their lovely day! I know I am.