iPhone Reward & Coupon Apps

iPhone Reward & Coupon Apps

iPhone Reward & Coupon Apps



I am no pro at the saving money and earning rewards thing –but I have found a few apps that I cherish and use daily. These apps will earn you rewards, cash, give you coupons etc. All of them I have found to be simple to figure out how to use and operate.

  1. Ibotta — It gives you a list of stores in your area, the deals (i.e. buy a bottle of shampoo get $1 cash back) and all you have to do is shop as normal. You do have to upload an image of your receipt but still it’s easy peasy. And if you have a coupon to stack with the item — even better!!!


  1. Checkout 51 — Very similar to Ibotta except it doesn’t give you a specific store. Just items. You have to upload a receipt also but again it’s super easy.


  1. Shopkick  — This rewards app is by far my favorite! You can get “kicks” for walking…yes walking…into stores. You can get kicks for scanning items, buying items and so much more. You can also pick your rewards. I’ve redeemed a few times for Starbucks gift cards!


  1. Target Cartwheel — This is just a great app for savings via Target. It’s pretty self-explanatory.


  1. Plink — This is a great site/app for dining out and shopping offline. You do have to connect your bank account — so do so at your own risk and research.


  1. Cellfire — Super useful and easy to use coupon app!


If you think I have missed one please share here! Be sure to check out all things Money related (from Saving to Earning!)