Influencing and Inspiring and Breaking Borders


Just a few short months ago a situation put my online world into major perspective. I had already taken a hiatus from my mommy blogging and when I came back everything felt very different to me. It was no longer what I really wanted from my online world and I felt there was nothing but borders and constraint. I am a country girl to the bones, fencing me in hurts.

Coming back from my hiatus I decided to dive straight back into it and go deep. Then the situation arose and I realized I was going about this in the wrong way and as stated, being fenced in. One of the fixtures and permanent (by my choosing) influences in my online world was whom I turned to in my road of self discovery and choices to leave what I was doing behind. We had always talked about the word “influence” and it’s effect on social media. We have always agreed too on what constitutes real influence and what is just plain scheming. I even tweeted the other day my thoughts on “influence”.

This is something I have obviously been chewing over (and over) in my mind. The term influence. Who is an influencing? What does it even mean? And it struck me this morning as I was reading an article about Vogue and non-influential people. The article ends with this; “Overall, it’s not a terrible idea, and is potentially beneficial for Vogue and its advertisers, but the word “influencer” (which, it turns out, is not actually a word) is just a tad misleading if you ask us”. And my thoughts and words were immediately put in their proper place.

I am constantly influenced online as we all mostly are. We will see a mention of a product, an advertisement or other marketing tactics that strike that match that fuels our intrigue. We may or may not chose to seek out the mentions further but most of us do. Otherwise online marketing wouldn’t be as large as it is today. But I want you to actually focus on what persuades you the strongest to follow through with the action of (clicking on the link, googling the brand/product and even purchasing it).

I for instant look to my influences for fashion and there is a reason why my number one go to girl, Danielle. M Hayes, never falters from her position. In over three years of being online acquaintances and brief phone calls, she herself has never faltered in her ideals (convictions, persona, thoughts or anything else). The word I am adding to her label is consistent. I never doubt her and her motives. I wouldn’t put transparent because that word I hate. I can only say influential and consistent.

If you read the article mentioned above you would see mention of followers (and/or reach) on social networking sites. If you check out Danielle’s twitter followers you will see very little. But she has inspired my drive to pursue my passions in different ways. She has broken past the influencing of online to actually influencing me offline; from taking the time to do my makeup, throwing out the sweats and getting back to the things I love (beauty). She has introduced me to others in her (network?) world that influence me too. For instance the mastermind and elegant lady behind Dirt Road Daughters Magazine (@DRDMagazine). Which by the way is the very first magazine I have spent my own money on (Tiger & Seventeen were bought when I was a kid, thanks Mom!).

To sum this up as someone with very little influence online but plenty offline, numbers are NOT everything. I know plenty with numbers I am envious of, that I REFUSE to deem trustworthy. Influence is about consistency. It’s about inspiring. It’s breaking borders and smashing down barb wire fences in high heels. It’s not building followers and inflating numbers. It’s about being who you are all the time and never flip-flopping from that. It’s finding that golden line between being grounded to your original intent but allowing for expansion. So the next time you question the smaller, open your eyes to the way to big.


  1. I hate that it’s all about how many fake friends you have on Twitter & FB. I could have done a ton for Whirlpool and their new line of washer & dryers. But did I get the opp?


    Stats not good enough.

    I suck. But at least I’ve always been me.

    • That’s the thing though, you don’t suck. You just refuse to conform to the inflation and unrealistic approach to social media regarding stats. That’s why I say I have more influence offline, because my family & friends (and other people) are the ones I share more with then I do online. Often times you’ll find people wanting a more tangible (a real life touch…wanting to see it in person) view on what is what. I think you are finding your perfect niche with design and truly I have found that you are influential to me about it. You take the time to learn, research and devote your insight to that!