Improving Skin Tone

Having beautiful skin is every women’s dream. Regardless of how much time we express our distaste for media influencing ones perception of beauty, we can’t deny that they have one thing right. What? Well never once in my life did I actually say, “Oh I wish I had bad skin, bad hair and I’d also like a few extra pounds added to my behind!”. Please and thank you. Am I comfortable with the fact that I actually have hair that isn’t perfect but I think it’s great? Yes. Am I comfortable with the fact that I’m 28 and have skin like a 16 year old? Yes but if I’m moody and on my period – oh shut the front door, I am not. That’s life though. And luckily the beauty of life, is that there are people out there that are inventing and creating products to help make us comfortable.

For instance, Luminaze.


Luminaze actually breaks down melanin for a visible improvement in the appearance of dark spots and overall evenness of skin tone in only 7 days. It’s clinically proven to work better and faster than the leading prescription ingredient, and it’s gentle enough to use every day.

I love the idea and science behind this product. Let’s not lie to ourselves. OK let me not lie to you. I am a sun worshiper and often times my skin shows that. My skin is blotchy. My skin is uneven. And to be honest, from the acne my skin is a hot mess. I’ve gotten the acne under control but that doesn’t mean anything. That doesn’t mean that the scars aren’t there. That the damage done from sun to acne isn’t visible. And having a product available to me that wouldn’t cost me my first born and left arm to help correct it – well it’s amazing.

The Luminaze enzyme is harvested from a mushroom that grows on trees high in the Swiss alps. It was noticed that the bark surrounding these mushrooms was decolourized. The same properties that were found by researchers to lighten the color of the bark result in the breakdown of melanin in the skin for a dramatic improvement in the appearance of dark spots from sun and aging. Simply a breakthrough.

Enzymes are targeted proteins that increase the rate of chemical reactions. Because enzymes are targeted they do only one thing. The Luminaze enzyme targets melanin and breaks it down; in contact with anything else, it is innocuous. The enzyme is targeted, effective, but also gentle and safe.

And I know the first thing I thought of was: Will this then give me white patches? Well that question (as well as others) has been answered on the FAQ page of this products website.

Will this turn my skin white/Cause white patches?
No, the enzyme in Luminaze specifically targets the melanin and breaks its down. It promotes an overall even skin tone by only targeting excess pigmentation.

To sum things up, check out Luminaze and don’t discount that there are products out there that can help you be comfortable in your own skin. Beauty is how you see yourself and an easily distorted perception. But it is 100% OK to want to fix things that you aren’t always comfortable with!