If Your Kid Eats This Book… (Review & Giveaway)

Hachette Book Group has kept me reading some great reads this year and I love being able to share them with you. This book is definitely a book to put in stockings or give them to New, Old, First Time, etc Moms!

If Your Kid Eats This Book, Everything Will Be Okay.

kideatthis ABOUT THE BOOK:

As an Emergency Room pediatrician, Dr. Lara Zibners has seen it all. She’s cared for a portion of the 25 million children in the U.S. who are taken to the ER each year-and she knows that more than 50% of these visits may be unnecessary. IF YOUR KID EATS THIS BOOK, EVERYTHING WILL STILL BE OKAY shows parents when they may need to take action, and when they might be able to just go back to bed and call their doctor in the morning. With sections such as “In the Diaper” and “His Noggin and the Nervous System,” Dr. Zibners covers every part of the body and offers sound advice (for example, did you know that oil is the best remedy for dissolving superglue between body parts?), all while maintaining a lively and often hilarious tone. To the question, “What if she chokes on her vomit?” Zibners answers, “A healthy child will not choke on her own vomit, unless she is drunk or high on Grandma’s sleeping pills.”


When you first open the book you are greeted with a run little True or False type quiz. Automatically you get that the book is going to be quite witty. It’s 306+/- pages of informative , more tongue in cheek style writing; from bringing baby home to when it’s time to have an actual visit to the emergency room. When you the hit actual end of this book the author brings you a few, brilliant reminders, like – “Parental Instinct Is Not A Myth”. I loved this book and enjoyed reading it. I loved having a spin on the information instead of just the run of the mill information read out like a text book!


Hachette Book Group Options – $14.99 -$16.99


I’ve got 5 copies to give out and I would like to make this a semi live giveaway so we can get the information off so we can pray it gets there around Christmas time! So here’s how it’s going to work –

Comments are wide open! You can comment, comment, comment away. I will close this giveaway when it hits 100 comments. You can tweet to get people to enter (and leave a comment for tweeting so you get another comment in there.) You can Facebook fan my page, follow my blog etc. And just say in the comments you did it! The only thing I ask in comments is you make an actual sentence. No sentence and it will get deleted. After 500 comments has been hit I will pull the 5 winners! Now get to commenting!

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I received this book from Hachette in junction with this review.


  1. That book looks like a great gift for baby showers. If I don’t win one, I will have to order it from Amazon for my SIL.

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  7. This book looks like a really good read.
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  8. This book looks interesting.

  9. Where was a book like this when I was a new mom??

    great idea!
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  10. My oldest son has 2 boys… but they are still young, and they still could use the info in this book.
    A stocking stuffer for sure!
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  11. My youngest son & dil hope to be expecting soon.
    I know they will need this book!

    thanks for the chance 😉
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  12. I hope I can win a copy, because it may spurt the baby fairy to look in & bless my youngest son & dil, so they will be expecting soon!
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  13. My hubby is the oldest of 8, so you can imagine how many nieces & nephews we could use this as a great gift for!

    thanks again!
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  14. Michelle H. says:

    This would be good for parents and grandparents to read.

  15. Molomatic says:

    This looks like a GREAT book!

  16. Molomatic says:

    My brother is expecting his first baby in a few months. This would be a good read for him!

  17. Molomatic says:

    It would be nice to have my parent’s read this book – things have changed so much!

  18. Molomatic says:

    I subscribe to your emails too!

  19. I see we are still posting!
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  20. You know, seeing this little one munching on the book… makes me kinda hungry!
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  21. The snow is falling fast , wet & heavy here…
    anyone want to volunteer to shovel?
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  22. This book sounds awesome!